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Other Minds Records produces a select catalog of contemporary music exploring areas seldom touched upon by mainstream institutions. We release new works by contemporary and 20th Century composers. We also re-release selected recordings of exceptional value that are hard to find or otherwise unavailable. Making this music accessible to the public is an integral part of our mission, and the proceeds from the sales are used to further our work as new music archivists and advocates. The Other Minds Records catalog is distributed through The Business, Soundohm, Shame File Music, and AudioMoves.

Our Latest Release

Joëlle Léandre and Lauren Newton, Great Star Theater, San Francisco

Joëlle Léandre and Lauren Newton:
Great Star Theater, San Francisco
Available now as a CD and Digital Download

Experience the brilliantly captured live recording of bassist Joëlle Léandre and vocalist Lauren Newton’s improvised performance at Other Minds Festival 26 at San Francisco’s Great Star Theater.

Upcoming Releases

Giacomo Fiore Lost Horse Wash Drone

Giacomo Fiore: Lost Horse Wash Drone
Available June 21, 2024 as a CD and Digital Download

Lost Horse Wash Drone combines field recordings from Joshua Tree National Park with Giacomo Fiore’s expert justly-tuned guitar playing, created during Fiore’s residency at the Lou Harrison House.

Karen Power Quiet Music Ensemble ...we return to ground...

Karen Power: …we return to ground…
Available July 12, 2024 as a CD and Digital Download

…we return to ground… contains three of Karen Power’s large-scale pieces that pair natural sounds with musical instruments, which have been written for and with Quiet Music Ensemble, over an 8-year period. These 3 works are uniquely shaped by QME and written knowing and trusting their ears and interpretative skills.

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