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Other Minds Records produces a select catalog of contemporary music exploring areas seldom touched upon by mainstream institutions. We release new works by contemporary and 20th Century composers. We also re-release selected recordings of exceptional value that are hard to find or otherwise unavailable. Making this music accessible to the public is an integral part of our mission, and the proceeds from the sales are used to further our work as new music archivists and advocates. The Other Minds Records catalog is distributed through The Business, Soundohm, and AudioMoves.

Our Latest Release


Henry Birdsey, “Half-Dragged”

Half-Dragged is an adaptation of a live set Birdsey performed on a California tour in early 2020. It tunes the lap steel into brilliantly sinister Just-intonation-based aural configuration. The tuning uses close dissonances between neighboring strings and competing 5th functions (perfect 5th between bass and tenor and tritone between bass and soprano) to create a rattling, ominous Dominant drag. Birdsey then retunes the strings throughout the work to supplement this effect by creating further diminished sounding harmonies by retuning the strings, adding and subtracting a minor third and an additional tritone. The result of this process is an unresolved, sinking harmonic pull to nowhere.

Upcoming Releases


Enzo Minarelli: De Revolutionibus
Release Date: TBD

Enzo Minarelli’s De Revolutionibus, an homage to Copernicus, emphasizes the revolution introduced by sound poetry half a century ago. As he dared to put the Sun (not the Earth) at the center of the solar system, sound poets put the voice and consequently its sound at the first level of our research, as opposed to the writing or the text.


Robert Honstein: Middle Ground
Release Date: March 12, 2021

The violin’s airy tones complement its full-bodied resonances, as if they were a perfect blend in some alternate universe. Composer Robert Honstein explores this contrast, and its potential commonality, on Middle Ground, which funnels his unembellished compositional style into a search for the middle ground between far-reaching pitches.


Dary John Mizelle: TBD
Release Date: TBD

Dary John Mizelle’s music involves mastery of instrumental, electronic and vocal resources as well as his own performance on instruments and voice. He uses multiple tuning systems (“macrotonality”) and simultaneous tonal, modal and atonal systems (“polyatonality”) as well as multiple rhythmic systems (systemic polyrhythm).

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