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Other Minds Records produces a select catalog of contemporary music exploring areas seldom touched upon by mainstream institutions. We release new works by contemporary and 20th Century composers. We also re-release selected recordings of exceptional value that are hard to find or otherwise unavailable. Making this music accessible to the public is an integral part of our mission, and the proceeds from the sales are used to further our work as new music archivists and advocates. The Other Minds Records catalog is distributed through The Business, Soundohm, and AudioMoves.

Our Latest Release


Brian Baumbusch, “Murmuration”

Two brand new remote recording works by Alameda-based composer Brian Baumbusch are featured on this album release by Other Minds.

Commissioned by the University of California Santa Cruz Wind Ensemble, Isotropes was written in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and consists of a sequence of varied musical fragments chosen and recorded by each participating musician from their respective homes during quarantine. Together, these fragmented recordings combine to create an ambitious 25-minute work for adaptable orchestra. Also featured on the album is Tides, a piece commissioned by the Creative Work Fund in collaboration with video artist Ian Winters and recorded remotely in lockdown following the cancellation of its March 2020 live premiere.

Upcoming Releases


Dary John Mizelle’s music involves mastery of instrumental, electronic and vocal resources as well as his own performance on instruments and voice. He uses multiple tuning systems (“macrotonality”) and simultaneous tonal, modal and atonal systems (“polyatonality”) as well as multiple rhythmic systems (systemic polyrhythm).


Since his emergence during the mid 1970s, the German composer, improviser, and instrument builder Werner Durand has  managed to bend normative expectations of time. His is a music that inexplicably appears as though it’s been among us all along; an unspoken fundamental, stripped of artifice, rumbling at the root of who we are.


Henry Birdsey’s music is wrapped in darkness and shadow. It often seems to shimmer and smolder from out of a great absence of light, like coals burning out under a midnight sky or stars radiating from light years away. There is a deep, nocturnal beauty here, but it’s one that exists and operates along its own shrouded boundaries.

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