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Preserving the Past in the Digital Age Is Still a Massive Headache

When the greatest archive of the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria, was destroyed, all it’s precious resources disappeared. That’s certainly the way most people think of the vandalization that ravaged the world-renowned collection in 391 A.D. The truth, however, is more complicated with echoes that reverberate from the days when “data storage” was on […]

At the Rothko Chapel, Tyshawn Sorey explores sound — and silence

Fifty years ago, composer Morton Feldman wrote music to commemorate the opening of the Rothko Chapel in Houston. A half-century later, composer, conductor, multi-instrumentalist and MacArthur “genius” Tyshawn Sorey was asked to write a new piece for this nondenominational space. Sorey’s Monochromatic Light (Afterlife) debuted Feb. 19 at the Rothko Chapel. The Rothko Chapel is a […]

Wadada Leo Smith at 80

“Once you get over-the-hill, you really pick up some speed.” Quincy Jones has adopted that aphorism and spread it around — and it most certainly applies to Wadada Leo Smith, who is enjoying perhaps the most prolific Indian summer of any jazzman of any era…. And if that wasn’t enough, with his 80th birthday looming […]

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