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Karen Power’s “…we return to ground…” on Other Minds Records

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Other Minds is pleased to present …we return to ground…, a new recording by Irish composer Karen Power and Quiet Music Ensemble available July 12, 2024. This double CD features three of Power’s large-scale pieces pairing natural sounds with musical instruments, written for and with Quiet Music Ensemble over an 8-year period.

Beginning with instruments of ice in 2015, Power’s experience of pairing natural sounds with musical instruments has evolved into a transformative body of work. Her approach to composition, creating space for interactions between field recordings and human performers, allows for the emergence of new sonic dialogues with the natural world. In his liner notes, David Toop writes, “What we are hearing is not reducible to ‘music’ and ‘nature’; there is an acknowledgement that the senses are not separate. They are fluid, sometimes interchangeable in their perception of worlds, and those worlds overlap, become each other.”

Power’s approach to scoring reflects her belief in the diverse ways of experiencing music and sound. Her works build on the long-standing traditions of graphic, text, and even video scores while in pursuit of a new kind of score for the ear, what she calls an aural score. An aural score is similar to a tape part, but differs in that it functions as both materials for the audience to listen to and materials to guide the performers.

This approach to scoring benefits from Power’s deep collaborations with Quiet Music Ensemble. She credits these works as being “uniquely shaped by QME and written knowing and trusting their ears and interpretative skills.” Through this collaboration with Quiet Music Ensemble, Power invites listeners to immerse themselves in unique sonic ecosystems, offering time and space for individual interpretation and exploration.

…we return to ground… will be available on July 12, 2024 as a double CD and as a digital download. The album is available directly from Other Minds, our Bandcamp page, all major digital music outlets, and through our distributors The Business (USA) and SoundOhm (EU).

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