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John Cage & Michael Bach Bachtischa

Release Date: January 13, 2015

Catalog Number: OM 2010

Available Formats: Digital Download

List Price: $9.99

Composer: John Cage

Performer: Michael Bach Bachtischa

Conductor: N/A

Orchestra/Ensemble: N/A

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Recording Notes

The five individual compositions of the 1980s Ryoanji series for voice, oboe, flute, trombone, and double bass by John Cage have eight different intervals as pitch spaces, within which glissando lines are performed. In One13 for cello and curved bow only eight pitches follow each other: f#’, g”,  g”, f”, d’, d”, a’, e”. The piece consists therefore of eight parts, each devoted to one single pitch and its reiterations.

Recorded live in concert at Other Minds Festival 13 at Kanbar Hall, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, California, on March 7, 2008.

World Premiere Recording © 1992 Peters Edition (BMI)

Michael Bach Bachtischa – cello with BACH.bow

* OM Live downloads include pdf booklet and cover image

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Track Listing

1 · One13 (22:42)

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