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Sheila Davies Sumner
What is the Matter in Amy Glennon?

Release Date: December 6, 2019

Catalog Number: OM 2024

Available Formats: Digital Download

List Price: $7

Composer: Sheila Davies Sumner

Performer: Sheila Davies Sumner

Conductor: N/A

Orchestra/Ensemble: N/A

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Recording Notes

Sheila Davies Sumner is a poet and radio artist known for her radio dramas such as “What is the Matter in Amy Glennon?” and “The Opponent’s Queen,” both included in this collection. What is the Matter in Amy Glennon? is an overview of the last 35 years of Davies Sumner’s audio output. Her work combines idiosyncratic texts read by a multitude of singers and voice actors with detailed sound design, found sounds, and the occasional contribution from Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser, as heard in her “avant-garde pop song,” “Static.”

Editorial Reviews
Track Listing

1 · What is the Matter in Amy Glennon? (26:16)
2 · Static (3:35)
3 · Three Terrellas (2:45)
4 · Pointe Shoes (0:57)
5 · Ruffing the Jack of Hearts (4:28)
6 · The Opponent’s Queen: Detail (26:29)
7 · Petit Sirah (5:15)
8 · Building Goodness (0:27)
9 · The Sixth Extinction Press Conference with The Permian Triassic Rhap and The Choral Ode To Planet Earth (17:00)
10 · LightDiver (6:18)

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