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Jan Pusina
Clouds in an Emerald Sky

Release Date: January 8, 2016

Catalog Number: OM 2012

Available Formats: Digital Download

List Price: $9.99

Composer: Jan Pusina

Performer: Jan Pusina

Conductor: N/A

Orchestra/Ensemble: N/A

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Recording Notes

Modern Hits (an anagram for Other Minds) is a series of digital-only releases by under-recognized electronic music composers from the Bay Area. The series features unreleased recordings as well as reissues of previously released material. Our hope is that the series will shed a new light on the oft-lauded and vibrant electronic music community of the Bay Area.

Jan Pusina is a long-time fixture in the Bay Area New Music scene, but somehow Clouds in an Emerald Sky is his debut release. It contains work ranging from 70s analog synth pieces made at the electronic music studios at UC Davis to algorithmic computer music made this decade. Pusina’s work is densely textured and harmonically complex, yet consistently retains a highly appealing ambiguity and gauziness.

Editorial Reviews
Track Listing

1 · 5/31/74-1 (18:02)
2 · Mix 6 (6:56)
3 · Laurel (11:35)
4 · Nine Pieces of Light (11:51)
5 · Clouds in An Emerald Sky (11:23)

Sample Tracks

Anthony Gnazzo Modern Hits artJohn Bischoff Modern Hits art
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