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New Music Séance 2005

















Webster’s Dictionary defines séance as “a meeting of people to receive spiritualistic messages,” and the Other Minds New Music Séance was envisioned to do just that, in the intimate candlelit surroundings of Bernard Maybeck’s 1895 Arts and Crafts-style Swedenborgian Church. The New Music Séances featured hypnotic, spiritual, and rarely-heard musical gems spanning the past 100 years, as noted pianist Sarah Cahill and the violin-piano duo of Kate Stenberg and Eva-Maria

Zimmermann channeled new music’s progenitors alongside composers working today.


Program 1: Walk in Beauty 

Dane Rudhyar
Third Pentagram, excerpts: Stars; Sunburst (1926)

Leo Ornstein
Three Fantasy Pieces (1962, world premiere)

Henry Cowell
Aeolian Harp (1923)
The Banshee (1925)
Tides of Maunaunaun (1912)

Bunita Marcus
Julia (after John Lennon, 1989, West Coast premiere)

Sarah Cahill, piano 

Charles Ives
Second Sonata for Violin and Piano (1907-10)

Kate Stenberg, violin
Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano

Daniel David Feinsmith
Amalek (2005, world premiere)

Yamaha Disklavier 

Peter Garland
Walk in Beauty (1989)

Janice Giteck
Tara’s Love Will Melt the Sword (2002)

Erik Satie
Gnossienne No. 5 (July 8, 1889)

Sarah Cahill, piano 



Program II: Nude Rolling Down an Escalator

Ruth Crawford Seeger
Prelude No. 4; Prelude No. 9 (1924-28)

Andrea Morricone
I Studio (Etude No. 1, 2002, U.S. premiere)

Kyle Gann
Private Dances, excerpt: Saintly (2004)

Sarah Cahill, piano 

Henning Christiansen
Den Arkadiske (1966, U.S. premiere)

Kate Stenberg, violin
Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano

Terry Riley
The Heaven Ladder, Book 7, excerpt: Simone’s Lullaby (1993)

Sarah Cahill, piano 

Kyle Gann
Nude Rolling Down an Escalator (1997-99)

Yamaha Disklavier 

For Cornelius (1982; 1990)

Sarah Cahill, piano 



Concert III: Toward the Flame

Alexander Scriabin
Vers la Flamme (1914)

Johanna Magdalena Beyer
Dissonant Counterpoint Nos. 5, 7, 8 (ca. 1934)

Lou Harrison
A Summerfield Set (1988)

Daniel David Feinsmith
Self (2004-05)

Sarah Cahill, piano

Ronald Bruce Smith
Trois regards (1988-89)

Kate Stenberg, violin
Eva-Maria Zimmermann, piano

Mamoru Fujieda
Patterns of Plants (1996-2000)
Pattern A, Seventh Collection
Pattern D, Thirteenth Collection

Sarah Cahill, piano 

Gary Noland
Grande Rag Brillante, Op. 15 (1978-79, revised 1989)

Yamaha Disklavier 

John Cage
In a Landscape (1948)

Henry Cowell
The Trumpet of Angus Og (1924)

John Adams
China Gates (1977)

William Bolcom
Graceful Ghost (Rag, 1970)

Sarah Cahill, piano 


Click here to download a PDF copy of the program for New Music Séance.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the postcard for New Music Séance.

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