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A Civil Rights Reader


Kanbar Auditorium, Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Complete string quartets of Haitian-American composer Daniel Bernard Roumain, with the Del Sol Quartet, videotaped by CBS Evening News and featured on its “On the Road” series with Steve Hartman.

Full of energy and passion, the spirited Del Sol String Quartet reunite with Daniel Bernard Roumain (whose String Quartet No. 4 they premiered at Other Minds 11 in March 2005) for an evening of cutting edge music-making. Daniel Bernard Roumain is a pioneer in new forms, as he marries the instrumentation of string quartet with electric violin, laptop, and Hip Hop turntablist. This first-ever presentation of all four of his works for the quartet medium celebrates iconic figures of American Civil Rights who are the dedicatees of each piece: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Maya Angelou.

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