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Since January 2005, Music From Other Minds has presented new and unusual music by innovative composers and performers from around the world. Produced weekly for KALW 91.7 FM San Francisco by Charles Amirkhanian and the Other Minds staff, and aired at 8pm every Sunday, Music From Other Minds aims to open up radio listeners to experimental classical work by living and recent composers. We bring you the latest in contemporary music from around the world, and some glimpses into the past, to give a context for today’s music.

Follow this link for information and track listings from programs prior to program 501.
Follow this link to download a complete list of works played on MFOM up to program 702.

Previous Programs

Program 525: Women 4 Women

On this Music From Other Minds, Randall Wong features works for women’s vocal ensembles written by women composers. This program highlights works by the composers Gilda Lyon, Laura Steenberge, Cara Haxo from Quince Ensemble’s 2018 album, Mother Land.

Program 524: The Intergalactic Sounds of Sun Ra and His Arkestra

On this Music from Other Minds, Liam Herb presents: The Intergalactic Sounds of Sun Ra and his Arkestra. This program features Sun Ra’s enigmatic classic, Space is the Place, as well as a few selections from the live album, Nothing Is. The show continues with a few tracks from Sun Ra’s early, self-produced album, Supersonic Jazz, and concludes with a reading of Sun Ra’s classic poem, The Far off Place.

Program 523: A Rainbow in Curved Air and Other Selections

On this Music from Other Minds, Mark Abramson presents Terry Riley’s masterwork, A Rainbow in Curved Air, and other selections of experimental electronic music from the 1960’s and 70’s. The program ends with a guest appearance from some folks from the pop world, who love and respect Terry Riley’s music.

Program 522: Monsters and Musings

On this Music from Other Minds, Randall Wong presents two highly contrasting works for voice and orchestra. The first work, Frankenstein!, is by the neo-tonal, neo-expressionistic composer H.K. Gruber. The work melds components of cartoon music, jazz, and contemporary classical music into an action packed, and highly absurd, song cycle. After that you’ll hear Dans Le Sable by the Bay Area composer Loren Rush.

Program 521: Music for Gamelan

On the this Music from Other Minds, Mark Abramson presents traditional works for gamelan and Western classical works inspired by the music of Indonesia. Gamelan is the traditional ensemble music of Bali and Java in Indonesia. It has a rich cultural history within Indonesia that dates back almost two thousand years. It gained recognition in the Western world during the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris and since has inspired countless composers of Western classical music.

Program 520: Tongue of the Invisible

On this Music from Other Minds, Michael Jones presents: Tongue of the Invisible, an eight-movement work for baritone, improvising pianist, and chamber orchestra by the Australian composer Liza Lim. Tongue of the Invisible takes its inspiration and libretto from 14th century Persian Sufi poet Hāfez, whose poetry explores love in both ecstatic celebration and cool observation.

Program 519: High Wire Sopranos

On this Music From Other Minds, Randall Wong explores two works for soprano and orchestra by Hans Werner Henze and Hans Abrahamsen. The program is composed of Edda Moser’s performance of Henze’s work Being Beauteous and Barbra Hannigan’s rendition of Abrahamsen’s work let me tell you.

Program 518: Forgotten Concertos

Join us on Music From Other Minds as Randall Wong shares two under appreciated piano concertos by Gian Carlo Menotti and George Antheil.

Program 517: French Spectralism

On this Music From Other Minds, Michael Jones shares a program dedicated to the movement of French Spectralism.

Program 516: Fields Have Ears

On this Music From Other Minds, Mark Abramson presents a program dedicated to Michael Pisaro‘s composition The Fields Have Ears (6).

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