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Program 546: Long Forms

KALW Broadcast Date: February 8, 2019 | Host: Andrew Weathers

On this Music From Other Minds, Andrew Weathers plays long form pieces by David Rosenbloom, Panaiotis, and Tom Hamilton. The program includes David Rosenboom’s work Portable Gold and Philosophers’ Stones, Panaiotis’ Awakening, and an excerpt of Tom Hamilton’s City of Vorticicity.

David Rosenboom has been widely acclaimed as a pioneer in American experimental music since the 1960’s. He is a composer, performer, conductor, interdisciplinary artist, author, educator, has explored ideas in his work about the spontaneous evolution of forms, languages for improvisation, new techniques and notation for ensembles, cross-cultural collaborations, performance art, computer music systems, interactive multi-media, compositional algorithms, and the structure of the brain and nervous system. He has composed extensively for both instrumental and technological media and plays piano, violin, viola, percussion, trumpet, and live, electronic systems. He is currently a Professor of Music and Dean of the School of Music at Cal Arts.

Panaiotis (also known as Peter Ward) is a composer, vocalist, and sound artists and a co-founder of the Deep Listening Band. He currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and teaches at the University of New Mexico. He received his PhD in composition from the University of California, San Diego and has conducted research in algorithmic composition, virtual reality, and sound design for theater and film.

Tom Hamilton has composed and performed electronic music for over 40 years. His ongoing series of concerts, installations and recordings contrast structure with improvisation and textural electronics with acoustic instruments. He often explores the interaction of many simultaneous layers of activity, prompting the use of “present-time listening” on the part of both performer and listener.

Program Audio

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Track Info & Links

Title: Portable Gold and Philosophers’ Stones
Composer: David Rosenboom
Performers: David Rosenboom
Recording Title: Invisible Gold
Record Label: Pogus Productions
Catalog Number: P21022-2


Title: Awakening
Composer: Panaiotis
Performers: Panaiotis
Recording Title: The Ballad of Frankie Silver
Record Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a


Title: City of Vorticity
Composer: Tom Hamilton
Performers: Al Margolis , violin; Alan Zimmerman, percussion, prepared hammer dulcimer; Peter Zummo, trombone, didgeridoo; Tom Hamilton, electronic sound environment.
Recording Title: City of Vorticity
Record Label: Pogus Records
Catalog Number: n/a

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