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Composite black and white image of electronic musicians performing.

Joel St. Julien / CGRSM / Seasons
Saturday, July 22, 2023 7:30pm
@ St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church

Latitudes continues featuring a triple bill spanning the spectrum of experimental ambient music. Drones ebb and flow while girded by rumbling floor toms in Christopher Robin Duncan‘s SEASONS, Joel St. Julien summons and subdues chaos on modular synth, while CGRSM (Christopher Reid Martin and Gabie Strong) erect monoliths of feedback from electric guitars.

Latitudes Saturday July 22

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Artist Bios

Joel St. Julien

Image of Joel St. Julien mediated by computer popup windows.

Joel St. Julien is a Haitian-American composer, musician, songwriter, and sound artist based in San Francisco. Joel has written music for documentaries, short/feature films, podcasts, and dance. He is a firm believer in experimentation/fusion with acoustic and electronic elements in sound, oscillating through escapism and the mysticism of the present tense.

Joel has shared music at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Salesforce Tower, Stanford University’s CCRMA, Gray Area, CounterPulse Festival, Land and Sea Gallery, Spectrum NYC, TED Conference, Frameline, Mill Valley Film Festival, and PBS. His music has also been featured and reviewed in Resident Advisor, The Wire, Disquiet, KQED, Foxy Digitalis, a closer listen, Fault Radio, Dublab, and many more.


Black and white image of two people playing guitars with their faces obscured.

Christopher Reid Martin is a multidisciplinary artist, currently residing in Los Angeles. He first began working with sound in Orange County in 2004 under the moniker Shelter Death. His early experiments with sound utilized unorthodox methods including broken amps and manipulated radio signals. These novel explorations were used to produce a handful of cd-r’s and tapes released on Via Injection, Irrational Tenttent, and A.C.T.I.O.N.

Gabie Strong is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, and educator. Her work explores ideas of self-reflexivity through spatially informed drone and decay. She often works with images and sound to investigate remnants of regional history and shape the space of the present. Strong teaches community art strategies through post-studio practices including photography and new genres. She is the founder of Crystalline Morphologies community imprint dedicated to releasing unclassifiable and improvised work by underrepresented Los Angeles women, trans, and gender non-conforming artists whose contributions are often overlooked in the context of avant-garde music and art. She co-lead KCHUNG Radio from 2011-2019 to promote community accessible radio broadcasting, participated in the notorious 90’s Silverlake pirate radio station KBLT, and was an original organizer of riot grrrl LA from 1992-1994.

Christopher Robin Duncan

Christopher Robin Duncan performing with electronics.

Christopher Robin Duncan is an Oakland, California-based artist who employs time, repetition, and accumulation as a basis for experiments in visual and sound based media. An overriding theme in current works is the use of natural forces, such as the sun, the moon, and the ocean, as conceptual and compositional prompts. He runs LAND AND SEA—a small press and project space in Oakland—with Maria Otero.

Media from the Artists

Christopher Robin Duncan

Gabie Strong

Joel St. Julien

Christopher Reid Martin

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