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The Nature of Music: Matthew Burtner


Matthew Burtner composes music for concert instruments accompanied by glacier sounds, recorded by the composer at very close range. He was born in 1970 in Naknek, Alaska, a small coastal fishing village where he was inspired by the vast natural resources of his native state. He currently serves as Professor of Composition and Computer Technologies a the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and Director of EcoSono, an environmental arts non-profit ( His music and research explores embodiment, climate change, polymetrics, and noise. He presented recorded performances of Sound Cast of Matanuska Glacier (with string quartet, wind trio and Chapman Stick). A highlight of the evening was a video of a dramatic collaboration with Time Lapse Dance (NY). His music has won competitions and prizes at Bourges (France), Gaudeamus (Netherlands), Darmstadt (Germany), and the Russolo (Italy) international competitions.


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