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Since January 2005, Music From Other Minds has presented new and unusual music by innovative composers and performers from around the world. Produced weekly for KALW 91.7 FM San Francisco by Other Minds and presented by Charles Amirkhanian and the Other Minds staff, Music From Other Minds aims to open up radio listeners to experimental classical work by living and recent composers. We bring you the latest in contemporary music from around the world, and some glimpses into the past, to give a context for today’s music.

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Next Up: Program 530
Beth Anderson’s “Ode” and Other Selections

Photo by Kevin Guzman

KALW Broadcast: September 21, 2018
Host: Andrew Weathers

On the next Music From Other Minds, Beth Anderson’s Ode, a tape piece comprised of auctioneer recordings from a Kentucky tobacco warehouse recorded by Anderson in 1972. Also on the program, works by Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, and Angus MacLise. Ode was created and mixed at the Queen’s College and Wesleyan electronic music studios in 1975. Num quiatemque velicimusa volupti alist fuga. Same maxim verehent el moluptaecto omniene ne reicia voluptatis molorem volendamet apis escia es escitatin reium veniaes dolupta con reperciliqui dent pellati antiur, vide volo mo officillant omnis et aliquiatet qui velesecum cus autem autatem facest elibus utenia quatiur aut quas cus, testibus ad qui ut reiur re nectas sam quid quundit, sitaturio cus ab illacid experum unt.

Join us this Friday night at 11pm on KALW, 91.7 FM

Previous Programs

Program 528: Music By and For Elephants

It has been noted since ancient times that elephants seem to have an affinity for music. The elephants of the Thai Elephant Orchestra perform on an array of heavy duty giant traditional Thai instruments, drums, harmonicas and mostly in a hocket style. Furthermore, the traditional Thai…

Program 527: Radio Art

Helen Thorington is the founder of New Radio and Performing Arts, an organization that commissions and archives new and experimental radio art, sound art, net art, and mixed reality works. Thorington’s work has been aired on terrestrial and internet radio internationally.

Program 526: Intersections of Jazz and New Classical

In 1963, Terry Riley recorded the Chet Baker Quartet in a Paris studio with the intention of using the raw recordings to create an electro-acoustic work. He created a tape looping process called a “time lag accumulator” and used it to create the five movement work, Music for the Gift.

Program 525: Women for Women

This program features works for women’s vocal ensembles written by women composers. Compositions by the composers Gilda Lyon, Laura Steenberge, Cara Haxo from Quince Ensemble’s 2018 album, Mother Land. Also on the docket, Maverick composer, singer, choreographer, and director: Meredith Monk. And furthermore we need more text here so blah, blah, blah.

Program 524: The Intergalactic Sounds of Sun Ra and His Arkestra

Sun Ra, AKA Herman Poole Sonny Blount, was a composer, bandleader, poet, philosopher, lecturer and a self proclaimed extraterrestrial from Saturn. He is considered to be one of the most prolific recording artists of the twentieth century having put out over one hundred full length albums and dozens of singles. He is perhaps best know for his cult classic film, Space is the Place, which was produced by Other Minds co-founder Jim Newman.

Program 523: A Rainbow in Curved Air and Other Selections

Terry Riley is one of the founders the American minimalist movement. His work is often based on improvisatory processes on modal musical figures. He was deeply influenced by Eastern music and Jazz as well as western classical music. In the 1960’s he was involved with the San Francisco Tape Music Center and worked closely with Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros and Ramon Sender. A Rainbow in Curved Air has inspired

Program 522: Monsters and Musings

This program presents two highly contrasting works for voice and orchestra. The first work, Frankenstein!, is by the neo-tonal, neo-expressionistic composer H.K. Gruber. The work melds components of cartoon music, jazz, and contemporary classical music into an action packed, and highly absurd, song cycle. Dans Le Sable, from Bay Area composer, Loren Rush, is scored for soprano, four altos, speaker; vibraphone, harp, celesta, and piano;

Program 521: Gamelan and Gamelan-Inspired Compositions

Here we present traditional works for gamelan along with two Western classical works inspired by the music of Indonesia. We play a recording from the first and only commercially-released recordings of Balinese music made prior to World War Two. This recording was pivotal in the musical development of featured composer, Colin McPhee, who later traveled to Bali to write his book, Music in Bali.

Program 520: Liza Lim’s Tongue of the Invisible

This program presents Tongue of the Invisible, an eight-movement work for baritone, improvising pianist, and chamber orchestra by the Australian composer Liza Lim. Lim was educated in Australia and is based in Melbourne. Her works borrow from many sources including East Asian, Australian Indigenous and Western idioms. Tongue of the Invisible takes its inspiration and libretto from 14th century

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