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Program 583: Assorted New Music

KALW Broadcast Date: November 29, 2019 | Host: Andrew Weathers

This week, Andrew Weathers will be playing an assortment of new non-commercial music, featuring music by Lionel Marchetti, Elodie Lauten, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, and Monte Espina.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links

Title: Omnivore Machine
Composer: Xuan Ye and Chik White
Performers: ?
Recording Title: Breath Fractals
Record Label: Notice Recordings
Catalog Number: NTR051


Title: operator operator rapture expectorant
Composer: J. Soliday
Performers: ?
Recording Title: Music for Speech Synthesis
Record Label: None
Catalog Number: 


Title: Cinc
Composer: Lionel Marchetti
Performers: ?
Recording Title: Knud Un Nom De Serpent (Le Cercle des Entrailles)
Record Label: Intransitive Recordings
Catalog Number: INT 014


Title: Drifting Over A Red Place
Composer: Marilyn Shrude
Performers: John Sampen
Recording Title: The Electric Saxophone
Record Label: Capstone Records
Catalog Number: CPS-8636


Title: Variations on the Orange Cycle: Phase 2
Composer: Elodie Lauten
Performers: Lois Svard
Recording Title: Other Places
Record Label: Lovely Music
Catalog Number: LCD 3052


Title: The Intermediary with a Rendition of Stardust (exerpt)
Composer: ?
Performers: “Blue” Gene Tyranny
Recording Title: Free Delivery
Record Label: Lovely Music
Catalog Number: LCD 1064


Title: y culebra (exerpt)
Composer: Monte Espina
Performers: ?
Recording Title: y culebra
Record Label: Marginal Frequency
Catalog Number: MFCD F

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