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Program 574: Guitar(s)

KALW Broadcast Date: September 20, 2019 | Host: Mark Abramson

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30-Second Spot

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Title: The Spectacular Commodity (1981)
Composer: Glenn Branca
Performers: Guitars: Glenn Branca, Ned Sublette, David Rosenbloom, Lee Ranaldo; Bass: Jeffrey Glenn; Drums: Stephen Wischerth
Recording Title: The Ascension
Record Label: 99 Records
Catalog Number: 99-001LP


Title: Electric Counterpoint (1987)
Composer: Steve Reich
Performers: Johnny Greenwood, guitar
Recording Title: Radio Rewrite (2012)
Record Label: Nonesuch Records
Catalog Number: 543123


Title: Sueño con Mexico (1979)
Composer: Pat Metheny
Performers: Pat Metheny
Recording Title: New Chautauqua
Record Label: ECM Records
Catalog Number: ECM 1131


Title: Suite for National Guitar/ No. 5, Music for Bill & Me
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performers: John Schneider
Recording Title: Just National Guitar (2018)
Record Label: Microfest Records
Catalog Number: MF-12


Title: Maelstrom from Drift
Composer: Lee Ranaldo
Performers: Lee Ranaldo, guitar
Recording Title: Maelstrom from Drift (2010)
Record Label: Three Lobed Recordings
Catalog Number: TLR 048


Title: Grace Lake
Composer: Thurston Moore
Performers: Thurston Moore, James Sedwards, guitar; Deb Googe, bass; Steve Shelley, drums
Recording Title: The Best Day (2014)
Record Label: Matador Records
Catalog Number: OLE 1062-1


Title: The Tone Row That Ruled The World
Composer: Glenn Branca
Performers: Ryan Walsh, bass; Libby Fab, drums; Eric Hubel, Evelyn Buhler, Greg McMullen, Reg Bloor, guitars; Glenn Branca, conductor
Recording Title: The Ascension, The Sequel (2010)
Record Label: Systems Neutralizers
Catalog Number: SN001

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