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Program 553: 20th and 21st Century Music for Celesta

KALW Broadcast Date: March 29, 2019 | Host: Randall Wong

From Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood to serial techniques, this program shines a light on the range of characters the celesta can embody.

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Track Info & Links

Title: Preludes for Celesta Op. 45-49
Composer: Josef Matthias Hauer
Performers: Steffen Schleiermacher
Recording Title: Josef Matthias Hauer
Record Label: md&g records
Catalog Number: 6131890


Title: Orbis ex Vitro
Composer: Jan Dušek
Performers: Jan Dušek, celesta with the Prague Philharmonia, Petr Louženský, conductor
Recording Title: n/a
Record Label: n/a
Catalog Number: n/a


Title: Ruins, Call, First Star Last Star, From the Singing River, Nocturne for Three Times, Triptych, After the End
Composer: Michael Jon Fink
Performers: Michael Jon Fink
Recording Title: Celesta
Record Label: Cold Blue
Catalog Number: 53

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