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Program 541: The Well-Tuned Marimba and Other Selections

KALW Broadcast Date: December 7, 2018 | Host: Andrew Weathers

This program consists of seven works that were all either composed or released in the last three years. The show features a 2018 release of the composer Catherine Christer Hennix’s The Well Tuned Marimba.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links

Title: Houston
Composer: Apologist
Performers: Apologist
Recording Title: Houston
Record Label: No Rent Records
Catalog Number:  NRR67


Title: An Experiment in Giallo
Composer: Sarah Ruth
Performers: Sarah Ruth
Recording Title: The Shape of Blood to Come (2018)
Record Label: Obsolete Media Objects
Catalog Number: N/A


Title: The Well-Tuned Marimba
Composer: Catherine Christer Hennix
Performers: Catherine Christer Hennix
Recording Title: Selected Early Keyboard Works (2018)
Record Label: Empty Editions
Catalog Number: Blank 002lp


Title: Orange
Composer: Paul Kalbach
Performers: Paul Kalbach
Recording Title: Lassoed Rainbow (2015)
Record Label: Self-Released
Catalog Number:  N/A


Title: Fontana Mix/WBAI
Composer: John Cage
Performers: Ctrl-Z and Talujon Ensemble
Recording Title: Ctrl-Z (2017)
Record Label: Full Spectrum Records
Catalog Number: FS 057


Title: Glory Cannon III
Composer: Kali Malone
Performers: Kali Malone
Recording Title: Organ Dirges (2016-2017)
Record Label: Ascetic Houses
Catalog Number: N/A


Title: Canto II
Composer: Juçara Marçal & Cadu Tenório
Performers: Juçara Marçal & Cadu Tenório
Recording Title: Anganga (2015)
Record Label: QTV Label
Catalog Number: N/A

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