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Program 537: The Death of Don Juan

KALW Broadcast Date: November 9, 2018 | Host: Liam Herb

Lauten describes the work by saying, “The Death of Don Juan is about the myth rather than the story of Don Juan. In this work, he is an archetype, a symbol of human desire for freedom and transcendence. The setting is a screen reflecting Don Juan’s terminal experience as it unfolds in real time, as an apocalyptic replay of his past life as it comes back to him. Death appears to him in a vision in the form of a woman who speaks in tongues and whose multiples voices are those of the women he seduced. This confrontation with the female entity is a role reversal for Don Juan. The power is held by the opposite sex this time around. But he is at once seduced by the Death as a Woman and therefore unable to win his ultimate battle. Instead he begins to realize how barren he has made his life. His mind struggles with self-destruction and insanity. Only then is he able to understand the need for love, compassion, purity and sincerity, all of which he once found trivial. This awakening is his salvation. There is no hell for this Don Juan: he is able to forgive himself and be forgiven.”

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Title: The Death of Don Juan: Complete Opera (Click Link for Track Listing)
Composer: Elodie Lauten
Performers: Randi Larowitz, Soprano; Elodie Lauten, Alto (Vocals), Contralto (Vocal), Fairlight CMI, Harpsichord; Arthur Russell, Cello, Tenor; Steven Sauber, Bass
Recording Title: The Death of Don Juan: An Opera in Two Acts
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalog Number: UW04

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