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Program 783: To Hell and Back

KALW Broadcast Date: May 5, 2024 | Host: Ed Herrmann

In this week’s program, electronic artist Philippe Petit offers a new interpretation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Using a Buchla system and other analog synthesizers, prepared piano, sounds from inside the piano, metal percussion, cymbalon, field recordings, and voices, Petit creates a stunning adaptation of the 14th Century classic. Tracing Dante’s trip through Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise, it’s a mind bending journey on a cinematic scale. A few screams will be heard, but don’t abandon hope! The program opens with Diamanda Galás singing John Lee Hooker’s “Burning Hell” and concludes with an excerpt from Éliane Radigue’s electronic portrayal of the bardo, Kyema, Intermediate States.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links
Diamanda Galas

Title: Burning Hell
Composer: John Lee Hooker and Bernard Besman
Performer: Diamanda Galás
Recording Title: La Serpenta Canta
Record Label: Mute Records
Catalog Number: cdstrumm206

Philippe Petit A Divine Comedy

Title: A Divine Comedy
Composer: Philippe Petit
Performer: Philippe Petit
Recording Title: A Divine Comedy
Record Label: Crónica
Catalog Number: 212-2024

Eliane Radigue Kyema, Intermediate States

Title: Kyema, Intermediate States (excerpt)
Composer: Éliane Radigue
Performer: Éliane Radigue
Recording Title: Kyema, Intermediate States
Record Label: Experimental Intermedia Foundation
Catalog Number: XI 103

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