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Program 749: Arab.AMP

KALW Broadcast Date: July 9, 2023 | Host: Joseph Bohigian

On this program, Joseph Bohigian, in collaboration with Leyya Mona Tawil, plays music from Arab.AMP, a platform for experimental live art, music, and ideas by artists of the SWANA diaspora, region, and allied communities. It celebrates the plurality of voices from the region of Southwest Asia/North Africa and its diaspora operating in futurism, hybrid, and transgressive form. Arab.AMP is curated and directed by Leyya Mona Tawil, who shared the collection of music on this program, which includes music by AMP composers Mike Khoury, Tony Elieh, Youmna Saba, BINT, Dirar Kalash, Marwan Kamel/The Daily Maqam, John King, and Jad Atoui & Anthony Sayhoun / NP.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links
Mike Khoury headshot

Title: Spite of Darkness
Composer: Mike Khoury
Performers: Mike Khoury and Jason Kao Hwang, violins; Ben Hall and Andrew Drury, percussion
Recording Title: private recording

Tony Elieh

Title: It’s Good To Die Every Now And Then, Part 3
Composer: Tony Elieh
Performers: Tony Elieh, electric bass
Recording Title: It’s Good To Die Every Now And Then
Record Label: Al Maslakh Records
Catalog Number: MSLKH 020


Title: Scene I: Dross Overture (in Raga Bhairav), Scene II: Left on Saturn St
Composer: BINT
Performers: BINT
Recording Title: Katabasis: Act I
Record Label: Dross Label
Catalog Number: DRSS-001-EP

Dirar Kalash

Title: Second Set
Composer: Dirar Kalash
Performers: Dirar Kalash, tenor saxophone
Recording Title: At the Chapel of the Divine Child – Bethlehem University
Record Label: al-bayān

Ouds and other instruments.

Title: the acrid bakhoor of plastic bags and shop signs
Composer: Marwan Kamel/The Daily Maqam
Performers: Marwan Kamel/The Daily Maqam

John King

Title: go no​-​full​-​stop
Composer: John King
Performers: John King
Recording Title: amplitude of the spheres
Record Label: self-released

Past and Future

Title: Ritha’
Composer: Youmna Saba
Performers: Youmna Saba
Recording Title: Past and Future: A fundraiser for Beirut Heritage Initiative
Record Label: System Revival Recordings


Title: Live Improvisation
Composer: NP, Jad Atoui and Anthony Sayhoun
Performers: NP, Jad Atoui and Anthony Sayhoun
Recording Title: AMP Folktales #6

Lime Rickey International

Title: F U T U R E F A I T H _ awda (excerpt)
Composer: Lime Rickey International (Leyya Mona Tawil)
Performers: Lime Rickey International
Recording Title: Lime Rickey International’s F U T U R E F A I T H
Record Label: self-released

Pauline Oliveros playing accordion
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