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Program 745: Listener Submissions

KALW Broadcast Date: June 11, 2023 | Host: Joseph Bohigian

In this program, Joseph Bohigian plays a selection of submissions from composers, producers, and performers around the world. This is Music from Other Minds’s third listener submission program, featuring works in a variety of styles by Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Marjorie Van Halteren, Pierre Jodlowski, Staubitz and Waterhouse, dana jnnfrsn, Sheri Wills, Dan Senn, David A. Jaffe, Jakub Polaczyk, and Fernand Vandenbogaerde.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links
International Contemporary Ensemble performing.

Title: C Ce See
Composer: Niloufar Nourbakhsh
Performers: International Contemporary Ensemble

From My Lips to Odd Ears, Marjorie Van Halteren

Title: Entropy (Samuel Beckett Was Right)
Composer: Marjorie Van Halteren
Performer: Marjorie Van Halteren, voice, recordings, objects, electronics
Recording Title: From My Lips to Odd Ears

Laura Farre Rozada, Nimbus

Title: Série blanche
Composer: Pierre Jodlowski
Performer: Laura Farré Rozada, piano
Recording Title: Nimbus
Record Label: Seed Music
Catalog Number: SEED 012

Staubitz and Waterhouse

Title: Hot Stamper
Composer: Staubitz and Waterhouse
Performers: Mary Staubitz, field recordings; Russ Waterhouse, field recordings, edit, mix
Recording Title: Out and About
Record Label: Gertrude Tapes
Catalog Number: 060

Old painting of St. George slaying a Dragon

Title: The Dragon Slays Saint George
Composer: dana jnnfrsn
Performers: Andy Smith, synthesizer; James Yeary, percussion
Recording Title: 23.iv.23
Record Label: Organ Tetanus

Abstract purple and blue image.

Title: EAVES
Composer: Sheri Wills
Performer: Sheri Wills, semi-modular synth

Dark backgroud with light purple blobs.

Title: V Češtině
Composer: Dan Senn
Performer: Dan Senn

Dancers in blue light.

Title: Fly through the night, and land near dawn
Composer: David A. Jaffe
Performers: David A. Jaffe, mandolin/mandocello; Doug Machiz, cello; and Otis Harriel, violin

Jakub Polaczyk, Union Square

Title: Union Square at Dusk
Composer: Jakub Polaczyk
Performers: Blow Up Percussion
Recording Title: Union Square
Record Label: Albany Records
Catalog Number: TROY1926

Fernand Vandenbogaerde

Title: Hélicoïde
Composer: Fernand Vandenbogaerde
Performer: Martine Joste, piano
Recording Title: Fernand VANDENBOGAERDE
Record Label: Terra Ignota
Catalog Number: TI 46 22

Tom Nunn
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