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Program 743: Freeform Experimental

KALW Broadcast Date: May 28, 2023 | Host: Mark Abramson

This episode of Music from Other Minds is one of those freeform episodes, not focused on one subject but more of a sampler of some of the experimental work that I’ve been listening to recently. Think of it as “experimental music for the person with a short attention span.” If you hear something you like, you can look it up in our playlist and jump on the internet to learn more. If you don’t like what you’re hearing at any stage in this broadcast, hang in there, because it will change to something different in a few minutes. In spite of what I just wrote, you’ll find this program ended up being weighted towards electronic music and experiments with voice – sound poetry and audio story telling. On the electronic music side, you’ll hear work from some of the classic mid-century pioneers, like Henri Pousseur and Luc Ferrari, and from some current practitioners like Lucrecia Dalt, Laurie Anderson with Scott Johnson and Brian Eno. We’ll also hear some electronic music from Ukrainian composer Valentina Goncharova. Some of the artists working with voices include Delia Derbyshire, Joseph Byrd and Charles Amirkhanian, and we’re also throwing in some work from Frank Zappa and Tom Waits that I think fit the setting. We’ll also hear works for acoustic instruments from Japanese composer Toshi Ichiyanagi, and musicians Ben LaMar Gay from Chicago, and Valentina Magaletti, the Italian percussionist now living in London, whose album “Batterie Fragile” has her doing two 14-minute drum solos on a trap kit made from porcelain. Enjoy!

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Titles: Tu m’ecoutes (1975)
Composer: Luc Ferrari
Performers: Luc Ferrari – tape and electronics
Recording Title: Photophonie (2019)
Record Label: Transversales Disques
Catalog Number: TRS14


Title: Batterie Fragile-Side A (2022)
Composer: Valentina Magaletti & Yves Chaudouët
Performers: Valentina Magaletti – percussion
Recording Title: Batterie Fragile (2022)
Record Label: unjenesaisquoi
Catalog Number: UJNSQ-040


Titles: Four Sound Poems
Composer: Joseph Byrd
Performers: Voice – Caroline Shaw, Chris Thompson, Clarice Jensen, Nadia Sirota
Recording Title: NYC 1960–1963 (2013)
Record Label: New World Records
Catalog Number: 80738-2


Title: Porcelana UFO, Scattered Mysteries, Lesley, The Pillow, Scattered Cookies, Alinda
Composer: Lucrecia Dalt
Performers: Lucrecia Dalt – Synths, vocals, vocoders, processing; Alex Lázaro – Drums, percussion, vocals; Audrey Chen – Vocals; Cynthia Pitsiulak – Vocals; Edith Steyer – Clarinet; Isabel Rößler – Upright bass; Gibrana Cervantes – Violin
Recording Title: The Baby (Original Score) (2022)
Record Label: Invada Records
Catalog Number:


Title: In Tongues and In Droves (2021)
Composer: Ben LaMar Gay
Performers: Ben Lamar Gay, Tomeka Reid, many others
Recording Title: Open Arms to Open Us (2021)
Record Label: International Anthem
Catalog Number: IARC0051


Title: Parade Debris, To Be Behaved Upon
Composer: Ben LaMar Gay
Performers: Ben LaMar Gay – cornet, synth, voice; Tommaso Moretti – drums
Recording Title: Certain Reveries (2022)
Record Label: International Anthem
Catalog Number: IARC0063


Title: Falling, from “The Dreams” (1964)
Composer: Delia Derbyshire, Barry Bermange
Recording Title: The Dreams (1964)
Record Label: Psychic Sounds
Catalog Number: PSR012


Title: Dot Bunch (1981)
Composer: Charles Amirkhanian
Performers: Charles Amirkhanian – voice, synthesizer, Ed Herrmann, engineer
Recording Title: Mental Radio (2010)
Record Label: New World
Catalog Number: NWCRL 523


Title: Scambi (1957)
Composer: Henri Pousseur
Recording Title: Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-61 (2017)
Record Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: SR415


Title: New York Social Life (1977)
Composer: Laurie Anderson & Scott Johnson
Performers: Laurie Anderson, Scott Johnson
Recording Title: Women in Electronic Music – 1977 (2006)
Record Label: New World Records
Catalog Number: 80653-2


Title: Energy Fools the Magician (1977)
Composer: Brian Eno
Performers: Brian Eno – keyboards, vibes; Percy Jones – bass; Phil Collins – drums; Fred Frith – modified guitar
Recording Title: Before and After Science (1977)
Record Label: EG
Catalog Number: EGCD 32


Title: Symphony of Wind
Composer: Valentina Goncharova
Performers: Valentina Goncharova
Recording Title: Recordings 1987-1991, Vol. 1 (2020)
Record Label: Muscut/Shukai
Catalog Number: Shukai 3


Title: What’s He Building? (1999)
Composer: Tom Waits
Performers: Tom Waits – voice; Jeff Sloan – percussion; Ralph Carney – reeds; Mark Reitman – turntable
Recording Title: Mule Variations (1999)
Record Label: Anti/Epitaph
Catalog Number: 86547-2


Title: Cloud Atlas 1: Untitled
Composer: Toshi Ichiyanagi
Performers: Kaoru Tashiro – piano
Recording Title: Cloud Atlas/Vertical Study (2019)
Record Label: Sub Rosa
Catalog Number: 86547-2


Title: Untitled
Composer: Vanessa Amara
Performers: Vanessa Amara
Recording Title: Fonetica Amara (2022)
Record Label: Posh Isolation
Catalog Number: PI-271


Title: Piano & Accordion 1
Composer: Vanessa Amara
Performers: Vanessa Amara
Recording Title: Music For Acoustic Instruments & Feedback (2021)
Record Label: Posh Isolation
Catalog Number: PI-257


Title: It Can’t Happen Here
Composer: Frank Zappa
Performers: The Mothers of Invention
Recording Title: Freak Out (1966)
Record Label: Verve Records
Catalog Number: V-5005-2


Title: Wedding List (Scene 4)
Composer: Mira Calix
Performers: Cello – Oliver Coates; Clarinet – Peter Sparks; Featuring – The Company Of Opera North’s Orfeo; Viola – Xandi Van Dijk; Voice – Amy Freston
Recording Title: The Elephant In The Room: 3 Commissions (2008)
Record Label: Warp Records
Catalog Number: Warp CD 169


Title: Crushed Little Gem
Composer: MV Carbon and Charlemagne Palestine
Performers: MV Carbon and Charlemagne Palestine
Recording Title: Liquiddd Changesss (2022)
Record Label: 5 Rue Christine
Catalog Number: GER 079


Title: Toucan Ocean
Composer: Jon Hassell
Performers: Jon Hassell, effected trumpet
Recording Title: Vernal Equinox (1978)
Record Label: Ndeya
Catalog Number: NDEYA2CD

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