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Program 722: Free Range New Music

KALW Broadcast Date: November 27, 2022 | Host: Mark Abramson

Tonight we’re going to do another freeform show – no particular theme this time. I’m enjoying this format, finding music that fits together based on criteria other than some musical “ism” we’d like to feature, or a particular composer or set of composers. My only self-imposed limitation is that the music be experimental in some sense, so that it fits within Other Minds’s mission of introducing our audience to music and sounds that have artistic merit but that they may not have encountered before. I hope you hear something unfamiliar this evening that gets you motivated to search out more of the same. We’ll start with some art-pop from Laurie Anderson, then move to something pretty far afield with a piece from Joan La Barbara that puts extended vocal techniques front and center. We’ll listen to a field recording of Central African Aka Pygmies, then an electronic composition from Laurie Spiegel. We’ll hear some more art-pop from Argentinian Lucrecia Dalt, who has much in common with Laurie Anderson. Then a long slow-changing electronic cut-up from composer Carl Stone, some left field jazz from Don Cherry, and a short work for string quartet by Steve Reich. Then we’ll play a portion of Einstein on the Beach, an important work from the 1970s by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, that rarely get played on the radio due to it’s length. We’ll finish up with a short zinger from tonight’s mystery artist…you’ll have to listen to the show, or skip to the end, to find out.

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Track Info & Links
Laurie Anderson, Homeland

Titles: My Right Eye
Composer: Laurie Anderson
Performers: Laurie Anderson – vocals, keyboards, percussion; Rob Burger – keyboards, orchestron; Lou Reed – percussion
Recording Title: Homeland (2010)
Record Label: Nonesuch
Catalog Number: 524055-2

Joan La Barbara, Reluctant Gypsy

Title: Autumn Signal (1978)
Composer: Joan La Barbara
Performers: Joan LaBarbara – voice and Buchla synthesizer
Recording Title: Reluctant Gypsy (1980)
Record Label: Wizard Records
Catalog Number: RVW 2279

Centre Afrique: Anthologie de la musique de Pygmés Aka

Titles: Mobandi: Mo Boma – Berceuse
Composer: Traditional
Performers: Pygmées Aka
Recording Title: Centre Afrique: Anthologie de la musique de Pygmés Aka (2002)
Record Label: Ocora
Catalog Number: C 560172

Unseen Worlds, Laurie Spiegel

Title: From A Harmonic Algorithm
Composer: Laurie Spiegel
Performers: Laurie Spiegel – electronics
Recording Title: Unseen Worlds (1991)
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalog Number: UW 22CD

A woman in a blue lying on a light blue floor.

Title: Contenida
Composer: Lucrecia Dalt
Performers: Lucrecia Dalt
Recording Title: ¡Ay! (2022)
Record Label: RVNG Intnl.
Catalog Number: RVNGNL85

Carl Stone

Title: Shing Kee
Composer: Carl Stone
Performers: Carl Stone – electronics
Recording Title: Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties (2016)
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalog Number: UW15

Don Cherry

Title: Degi-Degi
Composer: Don Cherry
Performers: Don Cherry – trumpet, piano, electric piano, vocals; Frank Lowe – saxophone; Ricky Cherry – piano, electric piano; Charlie Haden – bass; Billy Higgins – drums
Recording Title: Brown Rice (1975)
Record Label: A&M Records
Catalog Number: SP-717

The Smith Quartet, Different Trains, Reich

Title: Triple Quartet Duet (1998)
Composer: Steve Reich
Performers: The Smith Quartet
Recording Title: Different Trains (2005)
Record Label: Signum Records
Catalog Number: SIGCD064

Einstein on the Beach, Philip Glass, Robert Wilson

Title: Einstein on the Beach (Knee 4 through Knee 5)
Composer: Philip Glass
Recording Title: Einstein on the Beach (1993)
Record Label: Elektra-Nonesuch
Catalog Number: 79323-2

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