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Program 715: Music for Celebration

KALW Broadcast Date: October 2, 2022 | Host: Ed Herrmann

In anticipation of the upcoming Other Minds Festival, October 13 – 15, this week is a program of celebratory music, or music that simply feels good to hear. A recently discovered violin solo written by 19 year old Lou Harrison points to the joyful music to come. Theresa Wong offers playful cello solos and joins Ellen Fullman for a duet with the Long String Instrument. Kevin Volans honors Shona mbira music in a piece for two harpsichords. John Cage celebrates James Joyce, the Irish soundscape of Finnegans Wake, and traditional Irish music in Roaratorio. Improvised music with Tania Chen, Henry Kaiser, Wadada Leo Smith, and William Winant celebrate the inspiration of the moment. George Crumb celebrates the resonance of amplified pianos. Henry Threadgill explores a new palette with Ensemble Double Up. Ivo Nilsson revels in extended techniques in a trombone solo by Kent Olofsson. Third Coast Percussion plays a rousing marimba piece by Kui Dong, and we offer a tribute to the late master of ecstatic devotional jazz, Pharoah Sanders.

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Track Info & Links
Lou Harrison: Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin

Title: Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin (2nd movement)
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performer: Kate Stenberg
Recording Title: Lou Harrison Sonata for Unaccompanied Violin (1936)
Record Label: Other Minds Records
Catalog Number: OM 1036-2

Theresa Wong: Practicing Sands

Title: trees remember, everyday light, gray green glass
Composer: Theresa Wong
Performer: Theresa Wong
Recording Title: Practicing Sands
Record Label: fo’c’sle
Catalog Number: FCSL-006

Harbors album cover

Title: Harbors, part 3
Composer: Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong
Performer: Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong
Recording Title: Harbors
Record Label: Room40

Zimbabwe Mbira and Kevin Volans Ensemble

Title: Mbira
Composer: Kevin Volans
Performer: Kevin Volans, Deborah James, Robin Schulkowsky
Recording Title: Zimbabwe
Record Label: WDR World Network
Catalog Number: 52.990

Ocean of Storms

Title: Al-Kwarizimi
Composer: n/a
Performer: Tania Chen, Henry Kaiser, Wadada Leo Smith, William Winant
Recording Title: Ocean of Storms
Record Label: Fractal
Catalog Number: 2016-064

Henry Threadgill: Old Locks and Irregular Verbs

Title: Part Four
Composer: Henry Threadgill
Performer: Ensemble Double Up
Recording Title: Old Locks and Irregular Verbs
Record Label: Pi Recordings
Catalog Number: PI 64

Kui Dong Painted Lights

Title: Scattered Ladder (2nd movement)
Composer: Kui Dong
Performer: Third Coast Percussion
Recording Title: Kui Dong: Painted Lights
Record Label: Kairos
Catalog Number: 0015114KAI

Pharoah Sanders Anthology

Title: Heart Is a Melody of Time
Composer: Pharoah Sanders
Performer: Pharoah Sanders
Recording Title: Pharoah Sanders Anthology You’ve Got to Have Freedom
Record Label: Universal
Catalog Number: 983 3158

Ivo Nilsson Trombone con Forza

Title: Treccia
Composer: Kent Olofsson
Performer: Ivo Nilsson
Recording Title: Trombone Con Forza
Record Label: Phono Suecia
Catalog Number: PSCD 132

John Cage Roaratorio

Title: Roaratorio (excerpt)
Composer: John Cage
Performer: John Cage, Joe Heaney, Seamus Ennis, Paddy Glackin, Matt Malloy, Peadher & Mell Mercier
Recording Title: Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake
Record Label: Mode
Catalog Number: 28/9

George Crumb album cover

Title: Otherworldly Resonances (1st movement)
Composer: George Crumb
Performer: Susan Grace & Alice Rybak
Recording Title: George Crumb – Complete Crumb Edition, vol. 11
Record Label: Bridge
Catalog Number: 9253

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