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Program 712: Freeform New Music

KALW Broadcast Date: September 11, 2022 | Host: Mark Abramson

This episode of Music from Other Minds is a freeform show, no specific focus. We do, however, feature music from two of the artists, Raven Chacon and Dominic Murcott, who will be performing during our next festival of new music, Other Minds Festival 26. We’ll play a couple of short introspective electronic works by Chacon, this year’s winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Music. And we’ll play part 1 of Murcott’s work for a custom dual 1000-pound bell and other metal percussion, The Harmonic Canon.

In addition, we’ll play some music by the UK-based duo Tomaga, who sadly are no longer in action as one of the duo, Tom Releen, has passed away. We’ll hear the prelude to a stage play modeled on Japanese Noh, by Harry Partch. Other artists we’ll feature in this program are the Indonesian experimental duo Senyawa, crooner gone wrong Scott Walker, Philadelphian poet Moor Mother, left-field sax man Rudresh Mahanthrappa, an experimental jazz ensemble from the UK called Flock, Japanese sound artist Aki Onda, no wave guitarist Arto Lindsay, the inventive Brazilian musician Tom Zé, Brazilian-inflected jazz from Chicago experimentalist Ben LaMar Gay, and music for percussion and Chordstick, a cross between a hammer dulcimer and an electric guitar, from composer Bryce Dessner and performers Sō Percussion.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links

Titles: Tuscan Metalwork, The Shape of the Dance
Composer: Tomaga
Performer: Valentina Magaletti, percussion; Tom Relleen, bass, effects
Recording Title: The Shape of the Dance (2016)
Record Label: Hands in the Dark
Catalog Number: HITD030


Title: Exordium, the Beginning of a Web
Composers: Harry Partch
Performers: Ensemble of Unique Instruments, Danlee Mitchell conductor
Recording Title: Delusion Of The Fury – A Ritual Of Dream And Delusion (1971)
Record Label: Columbia Masterworks
Catalog Number: M2 30576


Titles: Alkisah 1
Composer: Senyawa
Performers: Rully Shabara, vocals; Wukir Suryadi, instruments
Recording Title: Alkisah (2021)
Record Label: Ruptured
Catalog Number: RPTD031


Titles: Tar
Composer: Scott Walker
Performers: Scott Walker – vocals; Hugh Burns – guitars; Alasdair Malloy – machetes; Peter Walsh – keyboards; Ian Thomas – drums; John Giblin – bass; Pete Long – tubax
Recording Title: Bish Bosch (2012)
Record Label: 4AD
Catalog Number: CAD3220CD


Titles: Chain Gang Quantum Blues
Composer: Moor Mother
Performers: Moor Mother
Recording Title: Fetish Bones (2016)
Record Label: Don Giovanni Records
Catalog Number: DG-121


Titles: Are There Clouds In India
Composer: Rudresh Mahanthappa
Performers: Rudresh Mahanthappa – alto saxophone; François Moutin – acoustic bass; Dan Weiss – drums; David Fiuczynski – electric guitar
Recording Title: Gamak (2013)
Record Label: ACT Music+Vision
Catalog Number: ACT 9537-2


Titles: Bold Dream
Composer: Flock
Performers: Bex Burch – gyil, vibraphone, bass drum, shakers, bells, gong, snake drum, electronics; Sarathy Korwar – drums, tabla; Danalogue – keyboards;
Al MacSween – prepared piano, piano, synthesizer; Tamar Osborn – bass clarinet, flute, soprano sax, electronics
Recording Title: Flock (2022)
Record Label: Strut
Catalog Number: STRUT269CD


Titles: Voice
Composer: Aki Onda
Performers: Aki Onda – electronics; Brenda Hutchinson – voice
Recording Title: Ancient And Modern (Cassette Memories Volume One) (2020)
Record Label: Strut
Catalog Number: STRUT269CD


Titles: Ilha Dos Prazeres
Composer: Arto Lindsay
Performers: Melvin Gibbs – bass; Paul Wilson – keys, piano and programming; Kassa Overall – drums and programming; Patrick Higgins – guitar; Gabi Guedes, Iuri Passos and Icaro Sa – atabaques
Recording Title: Cuidado Madam (2017)
Record Label: Northern Spy
Catalog Number: NS 090


Titles: Toc
Composer: Tom Zé
Recording Title: Brazil Classics 4: The Best Of Tom Zé (1990)
Record Label: Luaka Bop
Catalog Number: 7599-26396-2


Titles: Uai-Uai
Composer: Tom Zé
Recording Title: Danç-Êh-Sá (2006)
Record Label: Irara
Catalog Number: irara001


Titles: A Seasoning Called Primavera, Oh No…Not Again
Composer: Ben LaMar Gay
Performers: Ben LaMar Gay
Recording Title: Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun (2018)
Record Label: International Anthem
Catalog Number: IARC0017


Titles: Singing Toward The Wind Now – Singing Toward The Sun Now, Tyuonyi
Composer: Raven Chacon
Performers: Raven Chacon
Recording Title: An Anthology of Chants Operations (2020)
Record Label: Ouidah
Catalog Number: Ouidah 2


Titles: The Harmonic Canon, part 1
Composer: Dominic Murcott
Performers: arx duo
Recording Title: The Harmonic Canon (2019)
Record Label: nonclassical
Catalog Number: nonclss029


Titles: Music for Wood and Strings, sections 1 and 2
Composer: Bryce Dessner
Performers: Sō Percussion
Recording Title: Music for Wood and Strings (2015)
Record Label: Brassland
Catalog Number: HWY-045

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