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Program 691: Beats By Baumbusch

KALW Broadcast Date: April 3, 2022 | Host: Ed Herrmann

The highlight of this program is a new release from Other Minds Records, Effigy by California based composer Brian Baumbusch. The two pieces on this CD reflect Baumbusch’s interest in world music and complex rhythmic relationships. Kings is an homage to Lou Harrison, written in 2017 to commemorate Harrison’s centennial. Isotropes was composed in 2020 and explores seemingly impossible rhythms such as a 51 beats per minute phrase played simultaneously with a phrase of 50 beats per minute. The procedure sounds complex, but the music is subtle and enchanting. The program opens with Don Freund’s Ukrainian Fantasy, which sets a solo violin against a pre-recorded collage of Ukrainian folk music. We’ll also hear Holographic Universe for solo violin and orchestra by Gloria Coates, and Jennifer Koh performing Kaija Saariaho’s violin concerto Graal Théâtre. A tribute to Rex Lawson rounds out the show. Only one person in the world is considered a virtuoso on the pianola (similar to the mechanical player piano, but requiring a performer using foot pedals to play it), and that‘s Rex Lawson. We’ll hear Lawson’s performance of Les Noces by Stravinsky. This is not an arrangement, but an alternate version composed by Stravinsky himself. Even if you’re familiar with the usual four piano version, Lawson’s performance on the pianola will be a revelation.

Program Audio

30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links

Title: Ukrainian Fantasy
Composer: Don Freund
Performer: Steven Moeckel
Recording Title: Ukrainian Fantasy
Record Label: private recording from the composer
Catalog Number: n/a

Brian Baumbusch Effigy

Title: Kings (2017)
Composer: Brian Baumbusch
Performers: Other Minds Ensemble, Dustin Barr conductor
Recording Title: Effigy
Record Label: Other Minds Records
Catalog Number: OM 1032-2

Program 691 – Beats By Baumbusch

Title: Les Noces
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Performers: Rex Lawson
Recording Title: The Virtuoso Pianolist
Record Label: Other Minds Records
Catalog Number: OM 1001-2

Brian Baumbusch Effigy

Title: Isotropes (2020)
Composer: Brian Baumbusch
Performers: The Cal State University Fullerton Wind Symphony, Dustin Barr conductor
Recording Title: Effigy
Record Label: Other Minds Records
Catalog Number: OM 1032-2


Title: Holographic Universe
Composer: Gloria Coates
Performers: Cambridge University Orchestra, Neil Thomson conductor
Recording Title: At Midnight
Record Label: Tzadik
Catalog Number: TZ 8096



Title: Graal théâtre
Composer: Kaija Saariaho
Performer: Jennifer Koh
Recording Title: Saariaho x Koh
Record Label: Cedille
Catalog Number: CDR 90000 183

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