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Program 672: OM Festival 25, Preview 2

KALW Broadcast Date: October 10, 2021 | Host: Mark Abramson

In this program, we’re giving our listeners a preview of the artists performing on nights three and four of the 25th Other Minds Festival. Subtitled “Moment’s Notice,” after the tune by John Coltrane, the festival is a celebration of the art of musical improvisation. We’ll present work tonight by saxophonist Darius Jones, and the improv duo of Larry Ochs on sax and drummer Donald Robinson. We’ll play three solo tracks by composer and jazz master Roscoe Mitchell, and also a piece form his album Bells for the South Side that features two musicians playing in other ensembles during the festival – William Winant on percussion, who will play on night 1 of the festival with electronic musician Ikue Mori, and James Fei on electronics, who will collaborate on a set with Anthony Braxton during Sunday’s concert. We’ll also hear work by bassist Junius Paul, pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, and guitarists Mary Halvorson and Elliott Sharp. Elliott Sharp’s piece “Perihelion” includes a contribution from another Festival artist – Zeena Parkins on electric harp. Zeena will also be improvising with William Winant and Ikue Mori on night 1. And we’ll end the program with two Anthony Braxton tracks that show what he can do with the standard bebop jazz repertoire.

Program Audio

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Track Info & Links

Title: Line Fine Lyon Seven
Composers: Roscoe Mitchell & Anthony Braxton
Performers: Roscoe Mitchell, baritone sax, Anthony Braxton, alto sax
Recording Title: Duets (2017)
Record Label: Delmark Records
Catalog Number: SAC3016


Title: E-Gaz
Composer: Darius Jones
Performers: Darius Jones, alto saxophone; Adam Lane, bass; Jason Nazary, drums
Recording Title: Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) (2011)
Record Label: AUM Fidelity
Catalog Number: AUM069


Titles: Chanteuse in Blue
Composer: Darius Jones
Performers: Darius Jones – alto saxophone, compositions; Matt Mitchell – piano, Rhodes; Sean Conly, bass; Ches Smith – drum set, percussion; Emillie Lesbros – voice
Recording Title: Le bébé de Brigitte (2015)
Record Label: AUM Fidelity
Catalog Number: AUM095


Title: A Civil Right, Yesterday and Tomorrow
Composers: Larry Ochs, Donald Robinson
Performers: Larry Ochs, reeds; Donald Robinson, drums
Recording Title: A Civil Right (2021)
Record Label:
Catalog Number:


Title: Bowl Hit, View From the Moon
Composer: Junius Paul
Performers: Junius Paul, bass; Isaiah Spencer, drums; Jim Baker, piano and synthesizer; Rajiv Halim, sax
Recording Title: Ism (2019)
Record Label: International Anthem
Catalog Number: IARC0028


Title: Jump, Sailing, Miranda
Composer: Roscoe Mitchell
Performer: Roscoe Mitchell, sax, percussion
Recording Title: Solo [3] (2003)
Record Label: Mutable Music
Catalog Number: 17515-2


Title: Six Gongs and Two Woodblocks
Composer: Roscoe Mitchell
Performers: Roscoe Mitchell, James Fei, sax and electronics; William Winant, percussion
Recording Title: Bells For the South Side (2017)
Record Label: ECM Records
Catalog Number: ECM 2494/95


Title: Free Hoops
Composer: Sylvie Courvoisier
Performers: Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Kenny Wollensen, drums
Recording Title: Free Hoops (2020)
Record Label: Intakt Records
Catalog Number: Intakt CD 351


Titles: Off The Record
Composer: Mary Halvorson
Performers: Amirtha Kidambi, voice; Ambrose Akinmusire, trumpet; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Michael Formanek, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums
Recording Title: Code Girl (2018)
Record Label: Firehouse 12 Records
Catalog Number:


Titles: Shredding Light
Composer: Elliott Sharp and Mary Halvorson
Performers: Elliott Sharp, guitar; Mary Halvorson, guitar
Recording Title: Err Guitar (2017)
Record Label: Intakt Records
Catalog Number: Intakt CD 281


Titles: Perihelion
Composer: Elliott Sharp
Performers: Elliott Sharp – 8-String Guitarbass, Soprano Sax, Electronics, Samples & Textures; Zeena Parkins – Electric Harp; Bobby Previte – Drums
Recording Title: Transmigration at the Solar Max (2018)
Record Label: Intakt Records
Catalog Number: Intakt CD 311


Titles: The Old Waves Are The Best Waves
Composer: James Fei
Performers: The Maestros
Recording Title: Precision Electro-Acoustics (2002)
Record Label: Organized Sound Recordings
Catalog Number:


Titles: Language Music 12: Subidentity Formings (LM6+LM3+LM7+Composition 118F)
Composer: Anthony Braxton
Performers: James Fei, alto saxophone
Recording Title: Sound American 16: The Complete Language Music Solos (2016)
Record Label: Sound American
Catalog Number:


Titles: Donna Lee
Composer: Either Charlie Parker or Miles Davis
Performers: Anthony Braxton – alto saxophone; Michael Smith – piano; Peter Warren – bass; Oliver Johnson – drums
Recording Title: Donna Lee (1972)
Record Label: America
Catalog Number:


Titles: A Night In Tunesia
Composer: Dizzy Gillespie
Performers: Anthony Braxton – alto and soprano saxophone, flute, contrabass clarinet, piano; Ari Brown – tenor and soprano saxophone; Paul Smoker – trumpet, flugelhorn; Misha Mengelberg – piano; Joe Fonda – bass; Han Bennink – drums
Recording Title: Sextet (Parker) 1993 (2018)
Record Label: Tricentric Foundation
Catalog Number: NBH907

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