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Program 669: OM Festival 25, Preview 1

KALW Broadcast Date: September 19, 2021 | Host: Mark Abramson

This time on Music From Other Minds, we’re giving our listeners a preview of all of the artists performing on nights one and two of the 25th Other Minds Festival. Subtitled “Moment’s Notice,” after the tune by John Coltrane, the festival is a celebration of the art of musical improvisation. We’ll present work by Myra Melford Mark Dresser, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, William Winant, Jen Shyu, Ben Goldberg, Liberty Ellman, Gerald Cleaver. There will be two tracks from bass master William Parker, including a song that features drummer Hamid Drake, and a new pre-release track from drummer Tyshawn Sorey and DJ, producer and electronic musician King Britt, whose collaborative album will be released in late October of 2021. One of the interesting things in the recordings presented this evening is how many times the Festival artists show up as guest musicians on someone else’s track. For example, Liberty Ellman and Tyshawn Sorey are part of Myra Melford’s ensemble Snowy Egret. Ben Goldberg plays clarinet for Myra on her track “Moon Bird.” And Darius Jones, a Festival artist performing on night 3, plays saxophone on the Gerald Cleaver recording. Many of the artists know each other and have worked together in various configurations over their careers.

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Title: The Other Side of Air I, Chorale
Composer: Myra Melford
Performers: Snowy Egret – Liberty Ellman, guitar; Ron Miles, trumpet; Stomu Takeishi, acoustic bass guitar; Tyshawn Sorey, drums; Myra Melford, piano and harmonium
Recording Title: The Other Side of Air (2018)
Record Label: Firehouse 12 Records
Catalog Number: FH12-04-01-029


Title: Red Spider
Composers: Miya Masaoka, Zeena Parkins, Myra Melford
Performers: Miya Masaoka, 21-string koto; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Myra Melford, acoustic and prepared piano
Recording Title: MZM (2017)
Record Label: Infrequent Seams
Catalog Number: IS1015


Titles: Moon Bird (2005)
Composer: Myra Melford
Performer: Myra Melford, piano; Cuong Vu, trumpet; Ben Goldberg, clarinet and contra-alto clarinet; Brandon Ross, guitar and soprano guitar; Stomu Takeishi, acoustic bass guitar; Matt Wilson, drums
Recording Title: The Whole Tree Gone (2010)
Record Label: Firehouse 12 Records
Catalog Number: FH12-04-01-012


Title: Palazzo Branciforte, Pt. 2
Composers: Mark Dresser, Davide Barbarino
Performers: Mark Dresser, Bass; Davide Barbarino, Alto Saxophone
Recording Title: Duets (2019)
Record Label:
Catalog Number:


Title: Determined
Composer: Zeena Parkins
Performers: Nuiko Wadden (principle harpist); Kristen Theriault, harp; Megan Conley, harp; Zeena Parkins objects (EBows, basting brushes, metal bolts, rubber/hard yarn and wooden mallets, 2 inch ribbon); electronic processing
Recording Title: Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics (2017)
Record Label: Good Child Music
Catalog Number: GCM0006


Title: Nothing To It (2015)
Composers: Ikue Mori, Fred Frith
Performers: Fred Frith, Home-made instruments, various toys and objects, electric guitar; Ikue Mori, Laptop electronics
Recording Title: A Mountain Doesn’t Know It’s Tall (2021)
Record Label: Intakt Records
Catalog Number: Intakt CD 352


Title: Rain And Shine At The Lotus Pond
Composers: Ikue Mori, Julianna Barwick
Performers: Julianna Barwick, voice and electronics; Ikue More, laptop electronics
Recording Title: FRKWYS Vol. 6 (2012)
Record Label: Rvng Intl
Catalog Number: FRKWYS06


Title: The Rain Pavilion
Composers: Chamberlain Zhang, William Winant
Performers: Chamberlain Zhang, electronics and percussion; William Winant, percussion
Recording Title: In The Praise of Shadows (2019)
Record Label:
Catalog Number:


Titles: Door 6-World of Wehali, Door 7-World of Ati Batik
Composers: Jen Shyu
Performers: Jen Shyu, Dan Weiss, Chris Dingman, Thomas Morgan, Anna Webber, Victor Lowrie, Erica Dicker, Jennifer Choi, Mariel Roberts, Satoshi Takeishi
Recording Title: Song of Silver Geese (2017)
Record Label: Pi Recordings
Catalog Number: 79720-2


Titles: Song and Dance
Composer: Ben Goldberg
Performers: Rob Sudduth – tenor saxophone; Carla Kihlstedt – violin and voice; Devin Hoff – bass; Ches Smith – drums; Ben Goldberg – clarinet
Recording Title: The Door The Hat The Chair The Fact (2017)
Record Label: Cryptogramophone
Catalog Number: CG126


Titles: Supercell
Composer: Liberty Ellman
Performers: Liberty Ellman – guitar; Stephan Crump – bass; Damion Reid – drums; Steve Lehman – alto saxophone; Jonathan Finlayson – trumpet; José Davila – tuba, trombone
Recording Title: Radiate (2015)
Record Label: Pi Recordings
Catalog Number: PI60


Titles: Wrestling
Composer: Gerald Cleaver
Performers: Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host: Gerald Cleaver (drums, sound design); Cooper-Moore (piano, synth); Brandon Seabrook (guitar); Darius Jones (alto saxophone); Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)
Recording Title: Life in the Sugar Candle Mines (2013)
Record Label: Northern Spy
Catalog Number: NS039


Titles: Baldwin
Composer: William Parker
Performers: James Baldwin (from televised interview, 1963, used by permission); Ellen Christi: superimpositions/production; Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson: trumpet; William Parker: percussion
Recording Title: Trencadís (2020)
Record Label: Centering Records
Catalog Number: 1020–1029


Titles: Come Sunday
Composer: William Parker
Performers: William Parker – bass; Daniel Carter – alto and tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Hamid Drake – drums
Recording Title: Painter’s Spring (2000)
Record Label: Thirsty Ear Recordings
Catalog Number: THI 57088.2


Titles: Untitled Three
Composers: Tyshawn Sorey and King Britt
Performers: Tyshawn Sorey – drums; King Britt – turntables, synths, electronics
Recording Title: Tyshawn & King (2021)
Record Label: pre-release
Catalog Number:

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