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Program 664: The Kitchen Sink

KALW Broadcast Date: August 15, 2021 | Host: Liam Herb

On the next Music from Other Minds, Liam Herb plays an elective mix of compositions by Hildegard Westerkamp, Philip Corner, Hal Clark, WHITE PEOPLE KILLED THEM (Raven Chacon, John Dieterich, and Marshall Trammell), and more.

(Correction) c. 24-minute marker. Hal Clark studied with Robert Erickson at the San Francisco Conservatory and University of California San Diego (not Berkeley), York University (UK) with Richard Orton, Oslo Music Conservatory with Finn Mortensen.

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Title: Lions; High Alice; Accident; The Practice of Love; Ashes to Ashes.
Composer: Jenny Hval
Performers: Jenny Hval, vocals; Laura Jean Englert, vocals; Félicia Atkinson, vocals; Vivian Wang, vocals; Anja Lauvdal, synths; Espen Reinersten, saxophone
Recording Title: The Practice of Love
Record Label: Sacred Bones Records
Catalog Number: N/A


Title: Rouge Permanent; The Breath, Nerve, and The Pulse of Life
Composer: Hal Clark
Performers: Hal Clark, Buchla 500 (Roughe Permanent); Hal Clark, Putney Synth; Svein Finnerud, piano; Bjørnar Andersen, bass; Espen Ruud, drums (The breath, nerve, and the pulse of life)
Recording Title: Hal Clark: Electro-Acoustic Works 1974-75
Record Label: Prisma Records
Catalog Number: PRISMACD716


Title: Into the Labyrinth
Composer: Hildegard Westerkamp
Performers: n/a
Recording Title: Into India
Record Label: Earsay Music
Catalog Number: 6.220640


Title: Side B
Performers: WHITE PEOPLE KILLED THEM (Raven Chacon, John Dieterich, Marshall Trammell)
Record Label: Sige Records
Catalog Number: SIGE 100


Title: chord – B Major / B minor 9
Composer: Philip Corner
Performers: Philip Corner, Carles Santos 
Recording Title: Chord / Gong
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalog Number: UW032DIGITAL

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