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Program 636: An OM Dance Party

KALW Broadcast Date: January 22, 2021 | Host: Mark Abramson

Other Minds celebrates building America back better with a set of music for dancing. But, since this is Other Minds, be ready for anything – changing tempos, funky and unfunky rhythms, and 17/8 time. We start with some upbeat jazz from Sons of Kemet, an ensemble with two drummers, a tuba and a sax player. The tuba player, Theon Cross, is a phenom, his precision and speed on the instrument are astounding. We play some funky poetry-infused jams from Heroes Are Gang Leaders, and Parliament Funkadelic, and, later in the program, from the Art Ensemble of Chicago, in collaboration with Moor Mother. Black’s Myths from the East Coast provide a jazz/rock drum and bass groove in 17/8 time. The South African ensemble Spaza give us a spacey improvised fusion of jazz, African and sci-fi. We play some experimental rock from Roxy Music, and some strangely twisted disco from underground industrial rock legends Throbbing Gristle. Have I forgotten anything…oh yeah, how about some manic twisted salsa by Carl Stone, and some straight-up latin jazz by Eddie Palmieri to go with it; and a 20-minute epic monologue from Robert Ashley, recited to a pulsing tabla drum, with some classic Bollywood from composer RD Burman to set it off. Add some interludes from Moor Mother, Ben Lamar Gay and The Caretaker, and you’ve got the soundtrack to a 2-hour new music dance party.

Program Audio

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Track Info & Links

Title: My Queen Is Albertina Sisulu
Composer: Shabaka Hutchings
Performers: Shabaka Hutchings, saxophone; Theon Cross, tuba; Tom Skinner, drums; Eddie Hick, drums
Recording Title: Your Queen is a Reptile
Record Label: Impulse!
Catalog Number: B0027970-01


Title: Artificial Happiness Button
Composer: Thomas Sayers Ellis, James Brandon Lewis
Performer: Heroes Are Gang Leaders
Recording Title: Artificial Happiness Button (2020)
Record Label: Ropeadope ‎
Catalog Number:


Title: Chocolate City
Composers: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell
Performer: Parliament
Recording Title: Chocolate City (1975)
Record Label: Casablanca
Catalog Number: NBLP 7014


Title: The Bogus Man
Composer: Bryan Ferry
Performer: Roxy Music
Recording Title: For Your Pleasure (1973)
Record Label: Island Records
Catalogue Number: ILPS 9232


Title: 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Composer: Throbbing Gristle
Performer: Throbbing Gristle
Recording Title: 20 Jazz Funk Greats (1979)
Record Label: Industrial Records
Catalogue Number: IR0008


Titles: 7th Stanza, Muhal
Composer: Ben LaMar Gay
Performer: Ben LaMar Gay, instruments and voices
Recording Title: Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun (2018)
Record Label: International Anthem
Catalogue Number: IARC 0017


Title: Sunlight, Glycerine, 2 loose draws
Composer: Spaza
Performer: Spaza
Recording Title: Spaza (2019)
Record Label: Mushroom Hour Half Hour
Catalogue Number:


Title: Upper South
Composers: Luke Stewart, Warren “Trae” Crudup III
Performer: Black’s Myths
Recording Title: Black’s Myths I (2018)
Record Label: Atlantic Rhythms
Catalogue Number: AR-12


Title: Spinal Volt
Composer: Eddie Palmieri
Performers: Eddie Palmieri, Little Johnny Rivero, Anthony Carrillo, Luisito Quintero, Luques Curtis, Jonathan Walsh, Louis Fouche, Jonathan Powell, Jeremy Powell, Camilo Molina
Recording Title: Sabiduría (2017)
Record Label: Ropeadope
Catalogue Number:


Title: Baroo
Composer: Carl Stone
Performer: Carl Stone
Recording Title: Baroo (2019)
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalogue Number: UW026LP


Title: We Are On The Edge
Composer: Roscoe Mitchell
Performers: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Moor Mother
Recording Title: We Are On The Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (2019)
Record Label: Pi Recordings
Catalogue Number: PI80


Title: Letters from Earth
Composer: Moor Mother
Performer: Moor Mother, soundscapes
Recording Title: Clepsydra (2020)
Record Label:
Catalogue Number: PI80


Title: Dum Maro Dum
Composer: R.D. Burman
Performer: Asha Bhosle, voice
Recording Title: Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)
Record Label: Odeon
Catalogue Number: MOCE 4102


Title: The Backyard
Composer: Robert Ashley
Performers: Robert Ashley, voice; “Blue” Gene Tyranny, keyboards; Kris, tablas
Recording Title: Private Parts (1979)
Record Label: Lovely Music
Catalogue Number: CD 1001


Title: It’s Just A Burning Memory
Composer: The Caretaker
Performer: The Caretaker
Recording Title: Everywhere at the End of Time (2016)
Record Label:
Catalogue Number: 

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