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Program 607: American-ness

KALW Broadcast Date: July 3, 2020 | Host: Randall Wong

This program features works that bear the subjective, intangible, and elusive quality that one could call “American-ness.”  On this program Randall Wong gives us a curated mix of music by Charles Ives, Dana Suesse (the girl Gershwin), Adolphus Hailstorck, Ulysses Kay, Hale Smith, Marc Blitzstein, Louise Talma, and the Residents.

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Title: A Symphony, New England Holidays: “The Fourth of July”
Composer: Charles Ives
Performers: Chicago Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas. conductor
Recording Title:  Holidays Symphony
Record Label: CBS Masterworks
Catalog Number: MK 4238


Title: Jazz Concerto in D for combo & orchestra
Composer: Dana Suesse
Performers: Cy Coleman, piano; American Symphony Orchestra, Frederic Fennell, conductor
Recording TitleThe Night is Young: Concert Music of Dana Suesse
Record Label: Premier Recordings
Catalog Number: B00000205Z


Title: American Guernica
Composer: Adolphus Hailstork
Performers: Nevada Wind Ensemble & Gaudete Brass, Reed Chamberlain, cond.
Recording TitleBernstein/Hailstork
Record Label: University of Nevada, Reno, downloadable at iTunes
Catalogue Number: n/a


Title: Six Dances for String Orchestra: Schottische, Waltz, Round Dance, Polka, Galop, Promenade
Composer: Ulysses Kay
Performers: Westphalian Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, cond.
Recording TitleThe Great American Composers
Record Label: Menuetto Classics
Catalog Number: [no number]


Title: Ritual and Incantations
Composer: Hale Smith
Performers: Chicago Sinfonietta, Paul Freeman, cond.
Recording TitleAfrican Heritage Symphonic Series, Vol. 2
Record Label: Cedille Records
Catalog Number: CDR 90000 061


Title: Regina: “Birdie’s Aria”
Composer: Marc Blitzstein
Performers: Elizabeth Carron, sop.; the New York City Opera, Samuel Krachmalnick, cond.
Recording TitleRegina
Record Label: ArchivMusic
Catalog Number: SONY 72912


Title: Let’s Touch the Sky (e e cummings): 1 anyone lived in a pretty a pretty how town; 2. love is more thicker; 3. if up’s the word
Composer: Louise Talma
Performers: Gregg Smith Singers, Gregg Smith, cond.
Recording Title: I Hear America Singing
Record Label: VoxBox
Catalog Number: CD3X 3037


Title: Souza Part (aka Souzaside) Nobles of the Mystic Shrine-The Stars & Stripes Forever-The Thunderer-The Liberty Bell-Semper Fidelis-The Washington Post
Composer: John Philip Sousa, arr. The Residents
Performers: The Residents
Recording Title: Stars & Hank Forever! (The American Composer’s Series – Volume II)
Record Label: Ralph Records
Catalog Number: RZ-8652

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