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Program 569: Early Eno

KALW Broadcast Date: August 16, 2019 | Host: Mark Abramson

On the next Music from Other Minds, Mark Abramson plays the early music of composer and performer Brian Eno. The program includes compositions by Eno from 1972-1982.

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Title:  Zawinul/Lava
Composer: Brian Eno
Performers: Phil Collins, percussion; Percy Jones, fretless bass; Paul Rudolph, guitar; Rod Melvin, rhodes piano; Brian Eno, piano, synthesizer, organ and tape
Recording Title: Another Green World
Record Label: Virgin Records
Catalog Number: 0724357729123


Title: Lizard Point
Composer: Brian Eno
Performers: Brian Eno – electronics, acoustic and ambient elements; Michael Beinhorn, synthesizer; Axel Gros, guitar; Bill Laswell, bass
Recording Title: Ambient 4-On Land (1982)
Record Label: Virgin/Astralwerks
Catalog Number: 7243 8 66499 2 8, ENOCD8


Title: Over Fire Island
Composer: Brian Eno
Performers: Phil Collins, drums; Percy Jones, fretless bass; Brian Eno, vocals, synthesizer, guitars and tape
Recording Title: Another Green World (1975)
Record Label: Virgin Records
Catalog Number: 0724357729123


Title: Dead Finks Don’t Talk
Composer: Brian Eno
Performers: Brian Eno – vocals, keyboards, snake guitar, electric larynx, synthesizer, treatments; Busta Jones, bass; Nick Judd, keyboards; Paul Thompson, percussion
Recording Title: Here Come the Warm Jets (1973)
Record Label: Virgin Records
Catalog Number: 50999 6 84533 2 9


Title: Warszawa
Composer: Brian Eno & David Bowie
Performers: David Bowie, vocals and keyboards; Brian Eno, mini-moog, chamberlin
Recording Title: Low (1977)
Record Label: RCA
Catalog Number: CPL1-2030


Title: An Index ff Metals 1-6
Composer: Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
Performers: Robert Fripp, guitar & Brian Eno, Keyboards and Loops
Recording Title: Evening Star (1975)
Record Label: Opal Records
Catalog Number: DGM0516


Title: The True Wheel
Composer: Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera
Performers: Brian Eno – vocals, electronics, snake guitar, keyboards; Phil Manzanera, guitar; Brian Turrington, bass guitar; Freddie Smith, drums; Robert Wyatt, percussion and backing vocals; Randi and the Pyramids, chorus
Recording Title: Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) (1974)
Record Label: Virgin Records
Catalog Number: VJCP-68657

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