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Program 558: Voice(s)

KALW Broadcast Date: May 3, 2019 | Host: Liam Herb

On this Music from Other Minds, Liam Herb explores three very different approaches to vocal music. Tune in to hear works by Maurice Ohana, Milton Babbitt, and Johanna Beyer.

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30-Second Spot

Track Info & Links

Title: Lys de Mardrigaux (Lilly Madrigals): “Calypso”; “Circle”; “Star Mad Blues”; “Fates”; “Tropic of the Virgin”; “Sapho’s Mirror”
Composer: Maurice Ohana
Performers: Chœur Contemporain & Musicatreize
Recording Title: Maurice Ohana: office des oracles, messe, avoaha, lys de madrigaux
Record Label: Naïve Records
Catalog Number: n/a


Title: Philomel
Composer: Milton Babbitt
Performers: Ah Young Hong
Recording Title: A Breath Upwards
Record Label: Innova Records
Catalog Number: 986


Title: “The Main Deep”; “The Composer’s Forum Laboratory”; “The People, Yes!”
Composer: Johanna Beyer
Performers: Astra Chamber Music Society
Recording Title: Johanna Beyer: Sticky Melodies
Record Label: New Worlds Records
Catalog Number: 80678

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