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Kyle Gann Speaks About His “Hyperchromatica”

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Kyle Gann (left) speaks with his longtime friend Robert Carl (right) about his work Hyperchromatica for Fanfare Magazines. In the interview, Kyle talks about his influences, his use of new tuning systems, and lists some of his favorite movements from the work.

You can read the entire interview on Kyle Gann’s website here and purchase the Other Minds Records two CD set here.

‘Hyperchromatica’ is a mammoth work, more than two years in the making. After years of working with a variety of microtonal tunings, Gann devised a tuning that provided him with enough heft to cover the piece’s two and half hours. By covering the gamut of styles and techniques, Gann has created a touchstone of microtonal music. The future is now, and Kyle Gann is leading is the way. – Andrew Weathers

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