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Hyperchromatica Reviewed

 In Other Minds News

OM’s latest recording, Kyle Gann’s Hyperchromatica, receives an excellent review in Theater Jones, May 2018:

“…music based on intervals other than those you can get from the 12 equally-spaced notes on the piano needn’t be problematic. It could even be beautiful… Gann’s Hyperchromatica may be as close to divine as we get.”

Hyperchromatica is a mammoth work, more than two years in the making. After years of working with a variety of microtonal tunings, Gann devised a tuning that provided him with enough heft to cover the piece’s two and half hours. By covering the gamut of styles and techniques, Gann has created a touchstone of microtonal music. The future is now, and Kyle Gann is leading is the way.

To read the complete review: Kyle Gann Hyperchromatica

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