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Calefax Reed Quintet


Calefax Reed Quintet, home of Jim Newman and Jane Ivory, San Francisco. Amsterdam-based wind ensemble performed the world premiere of Conlon Nancarrow’s Study No. 44 in a new arrangement, along with works by Michelangelo Rossi, and Frederic Rzewski. Calefax films of Nancarrow’s Studies 2, 3c, and 18.

Calefax is described as a “classical ensemble with a pop mentality.” They often perform standing up, regularly playing music from memory without sheet music. Calefax has commissioned over two hundred pieces for reed quintet, which it performs alongside arrangements of preexisting works. Their repertoire spans the entire history of music, including Renaissance music, Baroque music, Impressionism in music, and Jazz.

Calefax Reed Quintet,
Oliver Boekhoorn, oboe
Ivar Berix, clarinet
Raaf Hekkema, saxophone
Jelte Althuis, bass clarinet
Alban Wesly, bassoon

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