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The Nature of Music: Annea Lockwood

annea lockwood

We were thrilled to have one of the world’s leading figures in this genre, New Zealand-born New Yorker Annea Lockwood, with us to present and discuss her music of the world’s rivers. Annea’s work is far-reaching in scope, ranging from works for conventional voices and instruments to graphic scores, electronics, and manipulated sounds.

She started the event with a 45 minute presentation of some of her work relating directly to the environment, covering her sound maps of the Hudson and the Danube rivers. And she discussed her sound installation currently on view at The Lab in San Francisco, and a performance on Saturday, November 18, also at The Lab, where she, William Winant and Fred Frith performed Jitterbug, the score of which is an actual striated rock, interpreted by the performers per her instructions.

To learn more about Annea Lockwood and her music, click here to go to her website.

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