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Sheila Davies Sumner
Reel to Reel

Release Date: December 6, 2019

Catalog Number: n/a

Available Formats: Digital Download

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Composer: Sheila Davies Sumner

Performer: Sheila Davies Sumner

Conductor: N/A

Orchestra/Ensemble: N/A

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Recording Notes

The Sixth Extinction Press Conference features thirty journalists with questions and comments regarding climate change, which serve to reveal the emotional tension between human denial and the facts on the ground. The accompanying Rhap (short for Rhapsody) is a recollection of the Earth’s “third and worst” mass extinction event; and the Choral Ode is a reprise, in song, of the entire press conference. This piece is an excerpt from the interplanetary, sci-musical, Quantum Tangle, a work in progress since 2012, originally conceptualized with visual artist, Kim Turos. Staged readings of Quantum Tangle: the prologue were performed in 2017 at the Central Works Theatre in Berkeley, with Peggy Videtta, Jessica Moll, and Tena Kaplan; and at The Sanctuary in Arcata, California, with Jessica Moll, 2017.

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Track Listing
  1. The Sixth Extinction Press Conference with The Permian Triassic Rhap and The Choral Ode To Planet Earth
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