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Program 590: Mid-Century Modern Music

KALW Broadcast Date: February 14, 2020 | Host: Randall Wong

On this Music From Other Minds, Randall Wong plays mid-century hits by Daphne Oram and André Popp.

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Title: Studio Experiments 1-4, incidental music for Invasion, Lego Builds it, Bird of Parallax, Nestea, Purring Interlude, Food Preservation, Tumblewash, Brociliande, Rotolock
Composer: Daphne Oram
Performers: Daphne Oram
Recording Title: Oramics
Record Label: Paradigm Discs
Catalog Number: PD 21


Title: Perles de Cristal, La Polka du Roi, Java, La Polka du Colonel
Composer: André Popp
Performers: Elsa Popping and her Pixieland Band (André Popp and his Orchestra)
Recording Title: Delirium in HiFi
Record Label: Basta
Catalog Number: BASTA 9031

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