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Program 625: Election Special

KALW Broadcast Date: November 7, 2020 | Host: Liam Herb

On this Music from Other Minds, Liam Herb presents a special Election Edition of Music from Other Minds featuring political works by Quilapayún, Fredric Rzewski, Donald Miller, and Moor Mother, as well as a meditative electroacoustic work by Judith Hamann.

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Track Info & Links

Title: El pueblo unido jamás será vencido
Composer: Sergio Ortega (music) Quilapayún (lyrics)
Performers: Quilapayún
Recording Title: El pueblo unido jamás será vencido
Record Label: N/A
Catalog Number: N/A


Title: The People United Will Never Be Defeated
Composer: Frederic Rzewski
Performers: Ursula Oppens
Recording Title: Frederic Rzewski: The People United Will Never be Defeated & 4 Hands
Record Label: Cedille
Catalog Number: CDR 90000 158


Title: signal/centinela; under/over
Composer: Judith Hamann
Performers: Judith Hamann
Recording Title: Peaks
Record Label: Black Truffle Recordings
Catalog Number: BT066


Title: Act 1: Working Machine from Circuit City
Composer: Moor Mother
Performers: Moor Mother
Recording Title: Circuit City
Record Label: Don Giovanni Records
Catalog Number: DG 197


Title: A Little Treatise on Morals (excerpt)
Composer: Donald Miller
Performers: Donald Miller (guitar)
Recording Title: A Little Treatise on Morals
Record Label: Audiofile Tapes
Catalog Number: YG58

Osvaldo Golijov, photo by Yoni Golijov
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