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Program 684: Exploring Electronics

KALW Broadcast Date: February 6, 2022 | Host: Liam Herb

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30-Second Spot

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Title: Cirqualtz 
Composer: Gordon Mumma
Performers: N/A
Recording Title: Electronic Music of Theater and Public Activity 
Record Label: New World Records
Catalog Number: NW 80632


Title: Dab
Composers: John Oswald
Performers: Michael Jackson
Recording Title: Plunderphonic
Record Label: n.a.
Catalog Number: n.a.


Title: Unforseen Events
Composers: David Behrman
Performers: John Gibson
Recording Title: ViewFinder / Hide & Seek
Record Label: Black Truffle Records
Catalog Number: BT082


Title: Sun Light, Earth Motion, Viriditas for Hildegard von Bingen, Tree Word, Almagesto-Tolomeo, Spherical Earth, Gravity
Composers: Enzo Minarelli
Performers: Enzo Minarelli
Recording Title: De Revolutionibus: Sound Homage to Copernicus
Record Label: Other Minds Records
Catalog Number: OM 3001


Title: Donnie and Laurie
Composers: n/a
Performers: Donald Christensen, drums; Laurie Spiegel, ElectroComp101
Recording Title: Donnie and Laurie 
Record Label: Unseen Worlds
Catalog Number: UWX01LP



Title: Bitplicity
Composers: John Bischoff
Performers: John Bischoff
Recording Title: Bitplicity
Record Label: Artifact Recordings
Catalog Number: ART3012


Title: Funhouse Mirror Phase
Composer: Victoria Shen
Performers: Victoria Shen
Recording Title: Hair Birth
Record Label: American Dreams Records
Catalog Number: 6 ADR


Title: Mewsak 
Composer: Pauline Oliveros 
Performers: n/a
Recording Title: Reverberations: Tape and Electronic Music
Record Label: Important Records
Catalog Number: imprec 352

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