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Program 618: Lou Harrison's Young Caesar

KALW Broadcast Date: September 11, 2020 | Host: Ranadall Wong

In this episode of Music From Other Minds, Randall Wong plays possibly the first opera on an explicitly gay subject—Lou Harrison’s Young Caesar. This program features the 2017 LA Philharmonic revival of the work, an interview with the composer on the KPFA gay men’s program Fruit Punch from Christmas night 1974, and an archival recording from the original 1971 performance.

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Young Caesar, LA Phil

Title: Young Caesar
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performers: LA Phil New Music Group & The Industry
Bruce Vilanch (narrator), Adam Fisher (Caesar), Hadleigh Adams (Nicomedes),
Nancy Maultsby (Julia), Delaram Kamareh (Cornelia), Timur (Dionysus), &
Marc Lowenstein, conductor
Recording Title: Young Caesar
Digital Download, LA Philharmonic

Young Caesar, LA Phil

Title: Lullaby from Young Caesar
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performers: Lawrence Boyle (Caesar)
Recording Title: Young Caesar [1971 premiere]
Digital Streaming: Other Minds Audio Archive

William Basinski. Photo by Danilo Pellegrinelli.
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