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Program 618: Lou Harrison's Young Caesar

KALW Broadcast Date: September 11, 2020 | Host: Ranadall Wong

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30-Second Spot

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Young Caesar, LA Phil

Title: Young Caesar
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performers: LA Phil New Music Group & The Industry
Bruce Vilanch (narrator), Adam Fisher (Caesar), Hadleigh Adams (Nicomedes),
Nancy Maultsby (Julia), Delaram Kamareh (Cornelia), Timur (Dionysus), &
Marc Lowenstein, conductor
Recording Title: Young Caesar
Digital Download, LA Philharmonic

Young Caesar, LA Phil

Title: Lullaby from Young Caesar
Composer: Lou Harrison
Performers: Lawrence Boyle (Caesar)
Recording Title: Young Caesar [1971 premiere]
Digital Streaming: Other Minds Audio Archive

William Basinski. Photo by Danilo Pellegrinelli.
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