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“Darkness Sounding” Takes Music Outside

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“Darkness Sounding” Takes Music Outside
The Southern California festival stretches
from back yards to the desert.

On a chilly Los Angeles morning in late January, I woke up an hour before dawn and drove to Griffith Park, a rugged expanse that stretches northeast of the Hollywood Hills. Five times the size of Central Park, and home to a solitary mountain lion, Griffith brings a tinge of wilderness to the urban sprawl. During the pandemic, it has been more crowded than usual, but in the half-light of 6 a.m. there was no one about. I hiked up to a point where downtown L.A. became visible. Rains had recently come through, and mists rose from vegetation, giving a gauzy shimmer to the lights of the awakening city.

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Tuned in … Harry Sword, author of Monolithic Undertow: In Search of Sonic Oblivion
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