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Philip Glass Speaks Out

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It’s been two years since we produced a concert here in Berkeley to celebrate Philip Glass’s birthday, featuring his frequent collaborators Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa. Today there’s a nice article today in the New York Times about Philip Glass, examining the perspective of this seminal minimalist as his composing career reaches the 50-year milestone. Glass was interviewed at Stanford University while courting potential donors for the Days and Nights Festival, a production of the Philip Glass Center for the Arts, Science and the Environment which is based at Stanford. He has an interesting perspective on his work, commercial and non-commercial, at this point in his career, saying “My attitude has been that they’re both the same. Why is it better to get a check every week from a university than to get royalties? Of course I’m a sellout. What else would I be?”

Read for yourself at this link on the New York Times website.

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