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New Music Buff Raves About Ivan

 In Events, OM Festival 24, Press

Local new music music fan Allan J. Cronin has published a review of the final concert of Other Minds Festival 24 in his blog, “New Music Buff.” The concert of piano music by the late Russian composer Ivan Wyschnegradsky was held on Sunday,June 16 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. While his comments are blushingly complimentary (hey, we’ll take it!) they are also well written, and from the point of view of someone who understands the music well. Cronin places our featured composer in his rightful place in the new music spectrum, along with other luminaries like Schoenberg, Messiaen, and Debussy. Our thanks to Allan for the compliments, for his interest, and for his well informed opinions about the music.

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