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OTHER MINDS FESTIVAL 19 - February 28 - March 1, 2014 Presented in association with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program

7 PM Panel Discussion | 8 PM Performances
201 Franklin Street (at Fell)
San Francisco, CA 94102



Tickets available through SF JAZZ now!


In celebration of the Bay Area’s heritage as a pioneering stronghold of arts and culture, OM presents, for the first time ever, an entirely Northern California cast of composers, including Mark Applebaum, John Bischoff, Donald Buchla, Joseph Byrd, Charles Celeste Hutchins, Myra Melford,Roscoe Mitchell, Wendy Reid, and John Schott.

This year’s composers will have their work brought to life by a gifted cast of performers including: Alan Zimmerman (percussion), Sarah Cahill (piano), the Del Sol String Quartet, Dan Seamus (bass), John Hanes (drums), Tom Dambly (trumpet), and J.D. Parran, Vinny Golia, & Scott Robinson, (bass saxophones).




Thursday, February 27th, 2014, 7 PM
Other Minds 19 Gala with Donald Buchla and Craig Taborn

Join us for a pre-festival gala at the innovative Basque restaurant, Duende (“Soul”) in Oakland. Named by Chef Paul Canales’ friend, the avant-garde composer John Zorn, Duende’s beautifully renovated art-deco space offers up an attractive pairing of soulful Spanish tapas with eclectic improvised music. Our pre-festival gala will honor musical pioneer Donald Buchla and celebrates Other Minds co-founder, Jim Newman, on his 80th birthday, with special performances by Donald & Nannick Buchla, as well as a set by the stunningly gifted pianist and OM18 alum, Craig Taborn. Tickets are $200 and funds will benefit the Other Minds Festival as it gears up for its special 20th festival on March 6-7-8, 2015, also at SFJAZZ. For further information, email Charles Amirkhanian.


CONCERT 1: Friday, February 28th, 2014 --- BUY TICKETS
7 PM Panel Discussion / 8 PM Concert

MARK APPLEBAUM (25 minutes)

Aphasia (8 min.)
Mark Applebaum, soloist

Metaphysics of Notation (8 min.)
Other Minds Ensemble, with projected graphic score

Mousketier Praxis (8 min.)
Mark Applembaum, sound sculpture with electronics

JOHN BISCHOFF (20 minutes)

Audio Combine (10 min.)
for laptop, toy chime, music box, ukulele, and hand drum
John Bischoff, soloist

Surface Effect (10 min.)
for laptop and analog circuit
John Bischoff, soloist


JOSEPH BYRD (25 min.)

Water Music (1963) (13 min.)
for solo percussion and electronic tape

Alan Zimmerman (percussion)

Animals (1961) (10 min.)
for string quartet, percussion and prepared piano
Del Sol String Quartet: Kate Stenberg (violin), Rick Shinozaki (violin),
Charlton Lee (viola), Kathryn Bates Williams (cello); Sarah Cahill (piano);
Alan Zimmerman (percussion)

DONALD BUCHLA (20 minutes)

Drop by Drop (2013, U.S. premiere)
for Buchla analog synthesizer, piano and film

Donald Buchla (analog synthesizer), Nannick Buchla (piano),
Silvia Matheus (film)


CONCERT 2: Saturday March 1, 2014 --- BUY TICKETS
7 PM Panel Discussion / 8 PM Concert


Cloud Drawings (2005-2013)
Solo laptop, with live interactive video

Charles Celeste Hutchins, soloist

JOHN SCHOTT (20 minutes)

Carving, Scraping, Changing (2013,world premiere)
John Schott (guitar); Dan Seamus (bass); John Hanes (drums)

WENDY REID (15 minutes)

Tree Piece #55 “lulu variations” (2008)
for African grey parrot, blue parrotlet, muted violin, trumpet,
stone/bowl of water, Buchla Lighting, and digital recording
Wendy Reid (violin); Tom Dambly (trumpet)


MYRA MELFORD (25 minutes)

Solo Improvisations (2013)
Myra Melford, piano

ROSCOE MITCHELL (30 minutes)

Nonaah (2013, world premiere)
for bass saxophone quartet

Roscoe Mitchell (bass saxophone); J.D. Parran (bass saxophone)
Vinny Golia (bass saxophone): Scott Robinson (bass saxophone)


Silent Score Auction
Once again, all of our composers have donated a page of music manuscript that will be on display in the SFJAZZ Center and auctioned to the highest bidder to support the festival. Seeing the musical fingerprints of our participants has long been an integral part of Other Minds’ festivals. Not only are these framed pages works of art--they give us a special insight into the musical language of each creator.






Other Minds Office: 415.934.8134

Blaine Todd

Charles Amirkhanian




Duende venue
Duende Restaurant & Bodega



Mark Applebaum
Mark Applebaum

John Bischoff
John Bischoff

Joseph Byrd
Joseph Byrd

Donald Buchla
Donald Buchla

Charles Celeste Hutchins
Charles Celeste Hutchins

John Schott
John Schott

Wendy Reid and bird
Wendy Reid with Lulu

Myra Melford
Myra Melford

Roscoe Mitchell
Roscoe Mitchell