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    Other Minds 15
Cowell 1925  
Gyan Riley  
Other Minds, in cooperation with the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, the Eugene and Elinor Friend Center for the Arts of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, and the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, is proud to announce that the following artists will be featured at the 15th Other Minds Music Festival (OM 15), March 4-6, 2010, in San Francisco.

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Natasha Barrett (Norway)
Lisa Bielawa
Chou Wen-chung (China/USA)
Jürg Frey (Switzerland)
Tom Johnson (France)
Kidd Jordan (USA)
Carla Kihlstedt (USA)
Paweł Mykietyn (Poland)
Gyan Riley (USA)

This year's Festival will bring to the Bay Area three highly influential senior composers:

* Perhaps the first modern Chinese composer to emigrate to the US, Chou Wen-chung
became the founder of a movement for contemporary Chinese music, and counted among his students Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Tan Dun (OM 2), Bright Sheng, Ge Gan-ru (OM 9), and Chinary Ung (OM 14). Unfortunately, Chou will be unable to travel to San Francisco to join us in person for the Festival. He will participate in the OM 15 residency via Skype, and his music will be performed on the March 4 concert as scheduled.

* Kidd Jordan of New Orleans organized the first World Saxophone Quartet, and in 2005 received knighthood from the Republic of France.

* From 1972 to 1982, composer Tom Johnson was also one of the most influential new music critics in the US, writing brilliant reviews for the Village Voice of emerging "other minds" of the day such as Frederic Rzewski (OM 3), Pauline Oliveros (OM 8), La Monte Young (OM 3), Meredith Monk (OM 1),
Philip Glass
(OM 1), and Paul Dresher (OM 4).

These new music stalwarts will be joined by local talents Gyan Riley and Carla Kihlstedt, Bay Area ex-pat Lisa Bielawa, Switzerland's radical minimalist Jürg Frey, Poland's rising star, Paweł Mykietyn, and Natasha Barrett, an electroacoustic and acousmatic sound installation composer from Norway. Performers will include ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Quatuor Bozzini, the Del Sol String Quartet, and Eva-Maria Zimmermann (piano).

For tickets to individual concerts, click here.

For festival passes (all three concerts), click here.

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