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Born in Curitiba, Brazil, Chico Mello studied compositionwith José Penalva and Hans Joachim Koellreuter, the classical composer who also taught Tom Jobim. Mello retraced Curitiba's immigration route back to Europe and since 1987 has been living in Berlin. In Germany he continued his composition studies with Dieter Schnebel, and studied Indian Dhrupad singing with Amélia Cuni. He is equally active in Brazil and in Europe, and his work integrates Brazilian tradition with various international avant-garde trends. He has composed for chamber ensembles as well as for orchestras such as the Berlin Symphony, the Cologne Radio Orchestra, and the Bavarian Symphony, and has worked with such diverse collaborators as Schnebel, Brazilian improvising composer/guitarist Silvia Ocougne, songwriter Carlos Careqa, and minimalist rocker Arnold Dreyblatt.

Excerpts from the music of Chico Mello:

Achado (2000)
Lyrics by Carlos Careqa

Valsa Dourada (2000)
From do lado da voz, Thanx God Records 1008