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BRINK: Other-Minded Music series
presents Fred Frith
Wednesday, November 30, at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA (November 10, 2005) — BRINK: Other-Minded Music, a new monthly concert series by Other Minds, presents a performance by composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith, along with murmur & filmmaker Teresa Wong, on Wednesday, November 30, at Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St., San Francisco; 21 and over only; $15 cover.)

Fred Frith
Fred Frith

Frith has situated himself for more than thirty years in the area where rock music and new music meet. Co-founder of the British underground band Henry Cow (1968-78), he moved to New York in the late seventies and came into contact with many of the musicians with whom he’s since been associated, including, for example, John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, and Bob Ostertag.

Fourteen years in New York gave rise to groups like Massacre (with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher), Skeleton Crew (with Tom and Zeena), and Keep the Dog, a sextet performimg an extensive repertoire of Frith’s compositions.

In the eighties he began to write for dance, film, and theatre, and this in turn has led to his composing for Rova Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Modern, Asko Ensemble, and a number of other groups, including his own critically acclaimed Guitar Quartet. Best known world-wide as an improvising guitarist, Frith has also performed in a variety of other contexts, playing bass in John Zorn’s Naked City, violin in Lars Hollmer’s Looping Home Orchestra, and guitar on recordings ranging from The Residents and René Lussier to Brian Eno and Amy Denio.

Frith is the subject of Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzels’ award-winning documentary film Step Across the Border. He is currently Professor of Composition at Mills College in Oakland, California, where he lives with photographer Heike Liss and their children Finn and Lucia.

  Fred Frith

murmur is a collaboration between Marielle Jakobsons and Agnes Szelag in the field of improvisational electro-acoustic music.  Murmur’s music rides on the tension between the slightly cacophonous and flowing melodies, using strings, voices, field recordings, live sampling and computer programming skills. Exploring many musical genres, murmur never plays the same set twice.  With performances based on reaction and often invoking the element of surprise, they aim to keep themselves and the audience on their toes.

Theresa Wong was born in Schenectady, New York in 1976.  After early training in piano and cello, she studied design to pursue her interests in the visual arts. Currently, her work involves an exploration of improvisation with cello, voice and amplified bicycle as well as the integration of these elements with visual media. She recently presented her work at the Fondation Cartier in Paris as a part of a four month long exhibit of young visual and performing artists. She is currently a masters student at Mills College in Oakland studying with Fred Frith, Annie Gosfield and Joan Jeanrenaud.

Launched on April 27, 2005, BRINK: Other-Minded Music is a monthly concert series providing an intimate setting for performances by local, national, and international musicians and composers, with a focus on music experimentation. Held at Hemlock Tavern’s recently renovated, 100-person capacity performance space near downtown San Francisco, the series reflects Other Minds’ commitment to the world community of composers and sound artists, and presents a new opportunity for developing “other-minded” artists, as well as artists seeking a more intimate forum to congregate and perform their works. Curated by Bernard Francis Kyle and David Katznelson, along with guest curators, the series runs the last Wednesday of every month at 9:30 p.m.

21 and over only. Cover charge: $15.
Hemlock Tavern is located at 1131 Polk Street, between Post and Sutter, one block east of Van Ness Avenue. Hemlock features a newly expanded live music performance room, physically separate from the main bar, which was originally designed by studio recording engineers and underwent a renovation and expansion in January 2005. While retaining much of its beloved intimacy and charm, the room is now a somewhat bigger, and all-around improved, version of itself with a new 16' x 10' stage. The Hemlock Tavern received the 2004 SF Weekly award for "Best Intimate Venue."
Other Minds is a leading organization for new and experimental music in all its forms, devoted to championing the most original, eccentric, and underrepresented creative voices in contemporary music through the annual Other Minds Music Festival, the online new music archives at, and the Other Minds Records label.

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