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Other Minds/CD 1003/4-2
  Composer George Antheil (1900-1959) is most remembered for his mechanistic piano music hailed by 1920s Paris. The obsessive repetition of his Ballet Mécanique foreshadowed the entire minimalist movement. But by 1948, when he'd become the third most-played American-born composer of orchestral music, his style reflected a more emotional, more mature personality. This centennial collection highlights selections from Antheil's later "neo-romantic" period —mostly reissued from the pioneering SPA label of conductor F. Charles Adler—and including the only recordings of Antheil himself at the piano. Also here are previously unreleased items that lend new insight into one of America's most engrossing mavericks. A 60-page booklet by Charles Amirkhanian, illustrated with previously unpublished photos, accompanies this two CD set.
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Track list of Antheil Plays Antheil
Click on Tracks 2 & 18 (Disc One) to hear them

1-11 Valentine Waltzes (1949)  
     1      2'11
     2      1'28
     3      1'11  
     4      0'44  
     6      0'46  
     7      1'36  
     8      1'53  
     9      1'13  
    10      1'48  
    11      2'27  
   George Antheil, piano  
12-19 Eight Fragments from Shelley (1950)  
     12   When Soft Winds   1'39  
     13   To the Moon   1'17  
     14   When the Lamp is Shattered   4'59  
     15   I Stood Upon a Heaven Cleaving Turret   2'43  
     16   A Dirge   3'11  
     17   To-Morrow   1'24  
     18   Sonnet to Byron   2'02
     19   I Faint, I Perish with My Love   4'03  
   Roger Wagner Chorale  
   George Antheil, piano  
20 McKonkey’s Ferry Overture (1948)    10'15  
   F. Charles Adler, Vienna Philharmonia Orchestra  
21-23 Symphony No. 5, “Joyous” (1947-48)  
     21   Allegro   8'25  
     22   Adagio molto   8'09  
     23   Allegretto giocoso   7'59  
   Herbert Haefner, Vienna Philharmonia Orchestra  
TOTAL TIME      73'23  

1-2 Two Odes of John Keats (1950)    
     1   Ode on a Grecian Urn   4'10    
     2   To a Nightingale   7'02    
   Vincent Price, narrator    
   George Antheil, piano    
3   “The Prostitute,” from the ballet Capital of the World (1953)   1'22    
   George Antheil, spoken introduction and piano    
4   Peter Pokes a Pig (Story for Peter, 1942)   3'04    
5   Mu-uh-uch in the Moonlight (Story for Peter, 1942)   3'23    
   George Antheil, voice and piano    
6-7 Prediction of Allied Invasion of North Africa (1942)    
     6   Part One: Signposts to the Future   2'03    
     7   Part Two: The Defense of Stalingrad   4'24    
   Manchester Boddy, radio announcer    
8 Biggest Muscles Waltz (Story for Peter, 1942)   3'23    
9 Captain Peter Shoots Down Nazi Air Ship (Story for Peter, 1942)   3'35    
   George Antheil, voice and piano    
10 George Antheil Speaks (1958)   17'50    
11 The SPA Interview (1981)   20'00    
   Charles Amirkhanian interviews Hannah M. Adler and Norman Fox    
TOTAL TIME      71'08    
All recordings digitally reconstructed from surviving monaural analog audio material of variable quality,
except for the SPA interview, which is in stereo.